Have an Air-Cooled Porsche? Here’s the Motor Oil You Want!

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Do you own an air-cooled Porsche and want to make sure you are using oil specially formulated for that purpose? Your local Pep Boys might not have what you need, but Porsche themselves do thanks to their Porsche Classic Motoroil brand!

That’s right, if you have an air-cooled Porsche, the mothership recommends using their latest motor oil in your car. It’s a new multigrade oil that’ll work in a variety of temperature situations. Sports cars from the 70s and older needed to have a different viscosity depending on the temperature. This oil is designed to negate the need for more than one oil.

What really makes this new offering from Porsche Classic cool is the return of the red oil filter. It completes the retro look and is a replica of what the oil filters were like back when the ai-cooled Porsches roamed the streets.

If you’re interested in checking it out, Porsche advises visiting their website here.

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