Airbnb and Audi Allow You to Purchase an Amazing Performance Driving Experience

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For this year’s Emmy awards, Audi is one of the major sponsors. In addition to providing a lot of money to the Emmys, it also means that Audi gets to run commercials during the event. One of those commercials is called ‘Desolation,’ which involves a family living in the middle-of-nowhere but both parents have Audi R8 V10s.

Unlike any advertisement Audi has run in the past, this one actually lets you relive the experience. You see, the house in the commercial is real, and Audi is putting it up for use on Airbnb.

Starting on September 18th, 2016, you’ll be able to attempt to book a two-night stay at the house. In addition to staying at the house, Audi includes a performance driving experience with Audi instructors with the R8 V10 Plus. When you factor in everything they include, it’s a deal at $610 per night.

It’ll be tough to get, though. They only allow one booking per day starting the 18th, and I’m sure more people than that are interested in staying there. Also, while everything is included in the booking, you’ll still have to find your own way to Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport.

For those lucky enough to get, it looks like it’ll be a heck of a good time!

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