Aston Martin to Join Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters for 2019

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Aston Martin Vantage GT3 DTM

Aston Martin to join DTM for 2019 under AF Racing moniker as joint-venture with HWA Team, one of the most successful DTM operations of all time.

It’s tumultuous times in the world of motorsport, at least with DTM. As many manufacturers, like Audi and Mercedes-Benz abandon ship for the proving grounds of FIA Formula E, Germany’s DTM, a venerated touring car series is left reeling. Until now, as Aston Martin has been confirmed for the series “as early as 2019.”

HWA Team, the team behind Mercedes-Benz dominance in the sport, in a joint-venture with AF Racing AG (aka Aston Martin Red Bull Racing) have stepped in to build, develop and race Aston Martin Vantage DTMs. The number of cars, and names of drivers have yet to be released, but we are expecting a full team of Astons. The current Mercedes-Benz-based team has a roster of six drivers.

Aston Martin Vantage GT3 DTM

While HWA is being tasked with developing the cars, AF Racing brings in a loyal customer base to the sport. In a press release, the team is quoted as saying. “The [unique selling proposition] of AF Racing AG is its excellent access to the relevant market and customers. By pooling their resources, they present an ideal combination.”

In short, HWA wants to continue racing, even without the support of Mercedes-Benz. Aston Martin wants another avenue to showcase the brand’s racing prestige. Thus, a DTM partnership is born.

DTM racing cars are some of the coolest cars around, with their intense aero packages and super close racing, so this all looks promising. More news as we have it, folks.

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