BMW M5 Achieves Ludicrous Speed with 1,000 HP Upgrade

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Squeezing four digit horsepower and 214 mph from a modern BMW M5 is much easier than you might think.

It’s downright interesting to think about how quickly things have escalated in the world of performance in recent years. Heck, if you were pushing 400-500 hp just a few years ago, that was pretty darn good. Now, you can squeeze 800-1,000 horsepower out of just about anything with the right setup. That includes the legendary BMW M5, apparently. At least this one, profiled in a video from YouTuber Adam Ivell.

Of course, it takes more than just extra boost to achieve four-figure horsepower and a claimed 214 mph top speed. But as far as M5s, go, this one’s mostly a sleeper in terms of appearance. Outside of some bigger wheels and tires, there’s nothing that tips off what’s going on underneath. Drivetrain mods consist of a beefy driveshaft, H&R suspension goodies, and upgraded clutch packs to handle the prodigious power bestowed upon the transmission.

What hasn’t received any upgrades, surprisingly, is the bottom end of this BMW mill. The rest has received a ton of attention, including Venturi air intakes, CFS charge coolers, and Pure Turbo stage 2 turbos. Meth injection is the proverbial cherry on top, and a boost-by-gear setup helps the owner maintain traction throughout the power band.


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But perhaps the most impressive thing about all of this is that the owner did all the work himself. Learning as he goes, including tuning the ECU. All of that work was obviously worth it in the end, of course. Because now, he might just own the fastest/quickest BMW M5 not just in England, but anywhere.

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