Burned Out Maybach Sports Hardcore Bling at SEMA 2018

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Burned Maybach Driver's Front Corner

In a sea of stunning show cars, a burned-out Maybach turned lots of heads at SEMA.

You might think that showing up to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas with a flawless Mercedes-Maybach S-Class would be enough to turn heads, but there are so many incredible luxury cars on-site that even something like a Maybach can get lost in the crowd. However, during our coverage of the 2018 show last week, we came across this badly burned-out Mercedes that was easily the most unique car on display. After all, it was the only car that was burned to ruins and fitted with a set of expensive 22-inch gold-and-chrome wheels.

Burned Maybach Rear Corner

Forgiato’s Most Lit

As the 2018 SEMA Show began last week, the folks from Forgiato posted a picture of this unfortunate Maybach to their Instagram account, claiming to have the “most lit” car at the show. They are right, too, as there were no other burned-to-the-ground vehicles on display.

Burned Maybach Side

We don’t have any details on the car or what led to this condition, but it is clear that it burned for quite a while. The damage to the hood suggests that firemen ripped it open, leading us to wonder if the fire didn’t begin around the engine, but in any case, the entire car is just destroyed. The interior is reduced to piles of ask and unrecognizable metal, the taillights have melted and run down the body, the upper portions of the door skins have melted as well and the roof rails have turned red from the intense heat.

This is, without question, the most badly damaged Maybach we have ever seen, and it drew big crowds at SEMA.

Smart Marketing

While some people might think that bringing a burned car to SEMA is stupid but really, how often do you get to see a $175,000 luxury car completely burned out? Never. Also, with so many high end luxury cars on display, even something as incredible as the Mercedes-Maybach in good condition can get lost in the crowd.

Do you know what doesn’t get lost in the crowd? A $175,000 Maybach, making this a smart move by Forgiato and their marketing people.

In any case, check out the images below for a closer look at this sad super-luxury sedan.

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