Is Buying a Budget Ferrari F430 a Bad Idea?

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The Ferrari F430 was a $200,000 car. Shopping around you can find examples for 75% off that original price, but is a smart idea to buy the cheapest one in sale?

Exotic cars like the Ferrari F430 are over ten years old, and the prices are dropping. What was once the top level supercar is now becoming just a used sports car. The F430 is still very fast, but next to the latest metal it is just not fast enough to keep up. As these Ferraris head down the road to their second, third, forth, and fifth owners, will they stand up to the test of time or will they be maintenance nightmares?

Ferrari F430

Luckily for us, we get to find out without laying down our hard earned cash. In this video, YouTube channel JR Garage buys the cheapest Ferrari F430 on sale in the US. Their F430 has a 483 horsepower V8 and the dreaded F1 transmission. The guys got a great deal on the car, paying around $50,000. Of course, their is a reason the car was so cheap. The F430 was in a minor rear end accident. The rear bumper is damaged, but the rest of the car appears to be in good shape. JR Garage are no strangers to V8 Ferraris as they own a F355 as well.

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It remains to be seen if the car’s damage will be an easy fix or if getting the bumper could present a problem. Either way we are can’t wait to see how their ownership experience pans out as the F430 is still an amazing car. We here at 6SpeedOnline would love to add one to the fleet. Although we would need to pay the extra to find a 6-speed manual. Since the F430 is not the fastest car on the road anymore, we would rather enjoy shifting it ourselves. The gated 6-speed manual with the roar of a screaming V8 behind you is a dream we don’t want to wake up from, ever. Like us know what you think of their purchase in the comments.

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