Buying the Cheapest Aston Martin in the U.S. Isn’t a Terrible Idea

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Cheap Aston Martins are still cool, even when they’re stuck in the snow.

Aston Martins are not generally the kinds of cars most people have the opportunity to own. For some, it comes down to a choice of eating food and putting a roof over your head or starving and making the only roof over your head the one in the Aston. There is, of course, a bit of a life hack, and way around this conundrum. Regulars at 6SpeedOnline know this, but affordable Aston Martins exist, and, in some cases, we’re actually spoiled for choice. All of this had led to Tyler Hoover of Hoovie’s Garage deciding to buy one, and boy, did he pick one.

His choice was a very used 1998 Aston Martin DB7 with a manual transmission. The car was a big deal when it came out. This was back when Aston Martin wasn’t selling very many cars and the DB7 helped turn things around for the brand.

Aston Martin DB7

As Hoover explains, at the time, Ford had acquired both Aston Martin and Jaguar and basically took what should have been the Jaguar XJS replacement and turned it into the DB7. This left Jaguar holding on to the old XJS for awhile longer, but it breathed new life into Aston Martin.


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It’s a used car so it’s missing some pretty bits like the engine cover, but hey, it has an engine and that’s the important part, right? Well, don’t get too excited, as this DB7 has the very old school supercharged Straight-6. Not a V8, or a V12. Well, at least is sounds nice. Additionally, inside it’s even more old-school and wasn’t even truly up to date back when it was released in 1998. It’s not exactly the elegant Aston Martin of today, but for just $25,007, who cares! Indeed, this is all largely irrelevant to Hoover’s current issues, any way.

Aston Martin DB7

There are a few immediate problems he has to deal with, like a dead battery and, as you’ll notice in the video, a light coating of snow on the ground. While that snow is the kind of stuff the average all-wheel drive vehicle of today won’t even notice, that’s not this car.

The Aston Martin DB7 was never intended to go spinning around on snow covered grass. That doesn’t stop Hoover from trying and the results are, well, watch and you’ll see. It’s cheap. It’s an Aston Martin. And it hates winter. But, hey, who cares, it’s a cheap Aston Martin, those are our favorite kind!

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