The Finest Auctions Offering Up Several Ultra-Rare Vehicles for Private Sale

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Are you tired of silly public auctions where high-quality, ultra-rare cars can be bid on by any riff-raff that shows up with a few million dollars? It’s almost Monterey week, so we’re about to see more of them. But if you’re looking for a private sale, without the hassle of an auction, we have some rare eye candy for you to drool over.

The Finest Auctions are offering up a few super-special cars for you to add to your collection, each with some pretty impressive history.

1956 Jomar MkII


This particular Jomar MkII was slated to race at Sebring, but didn’t. It did, however, compete in over 20 documented races. It’s built on the 4th TVR Racing Chassis that they built, and was assembled in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Here’s the racing history of the car;

5/16/57 Cumberland MD DNF Broke Accelerator Ray Saidel
5/26/57 THMPSN SCCA N.E. Reg. Race #2 DNF Car #2 Fuel line broke Ray
5/30 – 6/3/57 Dunkirk NY 6th Overall, 2nd in class Ray Saidel
6/8/57 Limerock Nat Champ. DNF No comp #4 Ray Saidel
6/29/57 Thompson Conn Sat 1st in class Ray Saidel
6/30/57 Thompson Conn Sun 2nd in class Ray Saidel
7/6/57 Limerock DNF, crashed Sat Ray Saidel
7/7/57 Limerock 1st Overall, 1st in class (lapping 1.13) Ray Saidel
7/18/57 Marlboro MD Race #1 3rd in class Ray Saidel
7/19/57 Marlboro MD Race #2 3rd in class Ray Saidel
7/27/57 Limerock Race #5 3rd overall, 2nd in class Ray Saidel
8/17/57 Montgomery Nat Champ Race #1 ??
8/18/57 Montgomery Nat Champ Race #3 DNF Stuck throttle ray
9/1/57 Thompson Nat Champ Sun 4th in class Ray Saidel
9/2/57 Thompson Nat Champ Mon 3rd in class Ray Saidel
9/7-5/57 Limerock B, C, D & Mod cars, XK140’s 3rd overall (BRKN Valve Sprng)
9/20 – 21/6/57 Watkins DNF Burn’t Plugs Ray Saidel
10/6/57 Thompson Regional 4th Place Wrong Axle Ratio Ray
10/20/57 Thompson Race #2 G, H FII 4th Place Overall Ray Saidel
11/10/57 Limerock Conn, 1st in class Ray Saidel

1949 Talbot Lago T26C Factory Grand Prix


This blue baby racer has competed in over 114 events around the world, and has been in over 300 track sessions in 18 different countries around the world. If you want a race-proven car, this beauty could be yours.

Here’s just some of the competitions the car has participated in;


18 juin GP de Belgique Étancelin Ab
2 juillet GP de l’ACF Étancelin /Chaboud
23 juillet GP de Hollande Étancelin Ab
24 décembre 500 Miles de Rafaela Rosier
26 mars GP de Pau Étancelin
5 mai Daily Express Trophy Étancelin 12°
20 mai GP de Paris Étancelin
27 mai GP de Suisse Étancelin 10°
2 juin Ulster Trophy Étancelin 11°
17 juin GP de Belgique Étancelin Ab
1 juillet GP d’Europe (et de l’ACF) Étancelin Ab
14 juillet GP d’Angleterre Étancelin F
22 juillet GP de Hollande Étancelin
29 juillet GP d’Allemagne Étancelin Ab
5 août GP d’Albi Étancelin Ab
15 août Circuit de Pescara Étancelin
28 octobre GP d’Espagne Étancelin
6 avril GP de Turin Étancelin Ab
1 juin GP d’Albi Étancelin Ab
7 juin Ulster Trophy Étancelin
2 août Boreham Meeting Étancelin
International Trophy
29 mai Aintree • 200 • Étancelin 11°

How much, you might ask? Well the old saying goes, if you have to ask you can’t afford it. But if you are interested in either of these cars, or others offered up in this limited-time private sale, head on over to The Finest’s page where you can check out the details and arrange your purchase online.

Let us know what you think of these cars over in our forums!

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