Flatnose 911 Built by Air Lift Proves What’s Old is New Again

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Old & New 996 911 Flatnose

Owned by Rotiform co-founder, 935 flatnose conversion 996 makes big splash for Air Lift Performance’s 70th birthday.

Along with all of our winnings from the nearby casinos, we’ve collected tons of photos and stories of our favorite builds from SEMA 2018 in Las Vegas. And we’ve got one that’s all sorts of awesome.

Seventy years ago, Porsche and Air Lift Performance were born. We all know what Porsche’s done since, but you might not know about how Air Lift, based in Lansing, Michigan, totally killed in NASCAR with their air suspension systems before setting their sights on the world. With the help of Rotiform, the two entities turned up at Air Lift’s booth together in a 911 with a retro twist of its own.

Old & New 996 911 Flatnose

Owned by none other than Rotiform co-founder Jason Whipple, this 911 is a 996 with the flat nose and whale tale of the legendary 935 Flachbrau. The build was one of two widebody cars at Air Lift’s booth, and the only one from Hiroshima, Japan’s Old & New.

The 996 flatnose is slammed to the ground thanks to Air Lift’s digital air management system and high-performance air suspension, while the all-black body serves as the perfect backdrop for Rotiform’s three-piece BLQ wheels in gold with deep chrome rims you can stick a dollar into longways.

There’s so much convergence of history and coolness in this 911, it’s almost enough to shake the stigma around the 996 era.

Old & New 996 911 Flatnose

The effect this car imparts on you in person (and everyone who was reeling their jaws off the SEMA show floor) is striking. The 935 conversion fixes everyone’s gripes about the 996. That excellent, motorsport-level widebody kit accentuates the good lines the 996 eventually brought to modern Porsche models. And, crucially, the fitment of the Air Lift suspension and Rotiform wheels is killer. We are smitten.

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