Google Executive Ben Sloss and His Viper ACR

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A Silicon Valley executive uses his Viper to unwind at the track on weekends.

In this video from Dodge, Viper ACR owner Ben Sloss is profiled. He spends his week as an executive at Google, and likes to spend his weekends racing his one-of-a-kind purple Dodge Viper ACR.

As Ben explainS, there’s a substantial community of high-performance car enthusiasts in Silicon Valley. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If your job is about optimizing the latest technology to perform better, it’s only natural that you expect higher performance from everything else in life.

Jobs in the tech sector typically pay well, affording a lifestyle that includes the best cars money can buy. Ben Sloss sees his Viper as a way to relax on the weekends. While some prefer the most advanced technology available in their performance cars, Ben appreciates the decidedly analog feel of his Viper ACR.

While the Viper is no slouch when it comes to technology, it takes a true professional to wring the most performance out of it. It’s a true driver’s car, and with every outing at Laguna Seca, Ben learns more and hones his craft. He sets specific goals and works towards them, improving his lap times little by little. Ben talks about his Viper like a trusted old friend, describing it as the fastest street car he’s ever driven. He goes to to say it will only get faster on the track as he builds confidence.

His Viper ACR was built by Dodge to his specification, and is the only one like it. While Ben himself seems very subdued and down to earth, his purple metallic Viper shows a different side of his personality. If cars are an physical representation of our personalities, Ben seems like the kind of guy we’d like to have a beer with.

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