993 “GT3 RS” is the Best-Looking Car of SEMA 2017

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Considered by some to be the pinnacle of air-cooled 911’s, this 993 pushes all of the right buttons.

We’re no strangers to Gunther Werks and their sexy 911’s. So when CarThrottle got an in-depth look at the 400R during SEMA 2017, we couldn’t blame them for being excited. The 400R is the final destination that follows the “what if Porsche had made a GT3 RS version of the 993” line of reasoning. They stuff a 4.0 liter air-cooled engine in the back that makes 431 hp and 320 lb/ft of torque, wrap it in carbon fiber bodywork, and widen the track significantly to eliminate the nasty lift-off oversteer habit the 911 has. With a 63 inch track the 400R has a wider front track than even the latest GT3.

Porsche 993 Gunther Werks 400R

Gunther Werks has touched on nearly every aspect of the 993, and executed their modifications in such a way that it feels factory correct. They often looked to Porsche Motorsports for inspiration on how to approach weight savings. They didn’t want to compromise the legendary steering feel, so they used a custom-tuned electric power steering system. The system not only performs equally as well, but saves weight and hp by eliminating the pump. In the same spirit they installed an all-electric heating and cooling system and a lighter lithium-ion battery. Total weight? Just 2,670 pounds.

Porsche 993 Gunther Werks 400R Engine

The engine is work of art as well, retaining just the crankcase from the donor car. Many of the parts are manufactured in the US and the UK, and even several in Canada. It’s interesting to see how much serious North American manufacturing is going on for a German car made in the 1990’s. The exhaust is a GT3 center muffler though, which retains the loud/quiet bypass via a switch on the center console.

What does an engineering marvel that looks this good cost? You supply the donor 993 then give them eight months and $550,000 to $680,000, depending on options, and they work some magic.

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