Hoovie’s Garage Buys the Cheapest Bentley Continental GT for $27,000

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In 2004, a Bentley Continental GT was $150,000. Now the “Village Idiot of Automotive YouTubers” bought the cheapest one for $27,700. What could go wrong?

The 2004 Bentley Continental GT was a return to form for the brand. A new flashy model with a twin turbo W12 and timeless good looks. In 2004, it was the hot car among Hollywood, the music scene, and VIPs the world over. The Bentley’s all wheel drive platform may have been from a Volkswagen, but the Bentley was a flagship premium model. The plush interior has leather everywhere you touch and real wood everywhere else. The carpets are extra thick and remind you of the Monopoly guy’s reading room. The Continental GT is Luxury, with a capital L.

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Being a $150,000 Bentley, the first owner has it under the care of a man who looks after his or her cars. This man is part of the team who manages his or her houses and yachts. The regular services and preventative maintenance are always preformed at the Bentley dealer. The once new Bentley, is then traded in for a newer model. The used Bentley owner wants the newest model, but settles for this pre-owned Continental GT. He or she does not have a man to look after the car, but he services it regularly. Always at the dealer, “wink, wink”. In the third and forth owners’ hands a Bentley is a large purchase. The first time a five figure service bill hits them in the face, the car soon finds a new home.

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In the case with the Idiot, Youtuber Tyler Hoovie, his Bentley has seen the world. Starting in Texas and then finally moving to a nice” businessman” in Russia. Hopefully Hoovie has checked the trunk for blood stains and white powder residue. As you would expect, the car runs terribly. The Russian was the third or forth owner, depending on how it came through customs. The repairs could be minor, or Hoovie could be selling his organs on the black market to pay the bills. Either way, we will be getting a front row seat on Hoovie’s Bentley Continental GT adventure. So pass the popcorn, the next part is going to be good. Check out how a 6SpeedOnline forum member had a similar Bentley Continental adventure:

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