LaFerrari First Test: Autocar Flogs Ferrari’s Latest at Fiorano

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When it debuted, the only thing I didn’t immediately like about Modena’s V12, 950hp Enzo successor was its name—and I wasn’t alone. Not that it ever really mattered. But in this clip, along the flat bottom of the manettino-equipped wheel , you can see not that clunker of a moniker, but the code used during development—F150. I can’t put my finger on why, but that name really sounds familiar. Weird, I know.

So how does it feel to drive Ferrari’s latest and—presumably—greatest? Well, according to Autocar’s Steve Sutcliffe:

“It feels like a 458 with a 1000hp V12 in it. Why do I mean that to be a complement? Because everything it does feels friendly and predicable, like it is in the 458, the differences are, when you put you foot down, you light another extra four afterburners and go toward the horizon at a lick at which a 458 owner might actually have a heart attack the first time they experience it.”    

For more of Sutcliffe’s observations—and to hear the glorious wail of those naturally aspirated 12 pots—watch the video. And call me impatient, but now I want to see it hit the ‘Ring. There’s a part of me that, because I have a brain and I’m aware of the bad blood between Ferrari and McLaren, speculated that Ferrari saw the furious pitch at which the P1 navigated the Green Hell and held releasing the LaFerrari until it could guarantee it’d spank it the competition there and everywhere.

Maybe I’m crazy?

In any case, Sutcliffe says Autocar hopes to answer the question of whether the LaFerrari trumps McLaren’s hypercar “sincerely and soon.” Personally, I can’t wait. Stay tuned!

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