Lamborghini Murciélago vs. Nissan GT-R #BATTLEDRIFT 2

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Modified Lamborghini vs. 1,400 HP GTR in the drift battle of the ages.

In the first Battle Drift video Daigo Saitos put his 650 hp modified Lamborghini Murciélago up against Vaughn Gittin Jr’s custom 550 hp Mustang. If that wasn’t enough horsepower for you, for this battle Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni takes on Saitos with his 1,400 hp GT-R.

Battle Drift 2 introduces us to a grim looking shipping dock in the UK. It’s a tight, foreboding and dangerous looking location indeed. The film opens with quick cuts of the cars drifting while a British referee tells the drivers: “I want a good clean battle. No sandbagging, no brake-checking.”

If Guy Ritchie directed the next Fast And Furious movie, we suspect it would look like Battle Drift 2.

Battle Drift - Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni Vs. Diego Saitos

The video is heavily stylized and kinetically edited. In fact, the editor may have gotten a little carried away and over cooked it. Yet despite all the choppy cuts it’s clear the cars are both brutal and precise with top notch drivers. If the horsepower still isn’t enough for you, then Casey Currie literally jumping into the fray fixes that. His Pro2 Pro Lite race truck adds 550 hp, bringing the combined total up to 2600 hp.

If you set the over enthusiastic editing aside, we’re sure this is the best drifting video you’ll see this weekend.

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