McLaren Confirms New Range-Topping Model Codenamed “BP23”

By - McLaren BP23 Hypercar News

Only 106 will be made, and they’ve already all been sold.

Yes, you read that correctly: McLaren announced a brand new model today. It’s been codenamed BP23, and McLaren states it will have the highest top speed of any production McLaren model ever. Even higher than the 243 MPH figure claimed by the legendary F1. BP23, a vehicle which McLaren describes as a “Hyper-GT” will join the brand’s “Ultimate Series” of vehicles, following the gorgeous Senna. McLaren has likewise confirmed that BP23 will use a hybrid “petrol-electric” powertrain, similar to the P1.

Here is a statement taken from McLaren’s official twitter account earlier this morning: McLaren BP23 Hypercar News


Sounds pretty serious. The brand also states that the next addition to the McLaren Ultimate Series will be both the fastest-ever and the most luxurious McLaren. Featuring a three-seat cockpit design with a central driving position – the same layout as the F1.


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The car has further ties to the F1, too. As we mentioned, 106 units will be produced, all of which have been spoken for by customers. If that figure sounds oddly specific, you would be right: McLaren sold exactly 106 units of the original F1.

Interestingly, BP23 will carry an as-yet unannounced name, rather than the alphanumerical nomenclatures used by the McLaren Sports Series and Super Series. A seeming trend in the brands ‘Ultimate Series’ of vehicles. This name, together with the maximum possible speed, will be disclosed nearer to the car’s reveal later this year.

Production is due to begin at the end of next year, with every BP23 personalised to each owner’s taste by McLaren Special Operations (MSO). MSO, of course, being the division of McLaren Automotive responsible for bespoke customer commissions. If this all sounds hyper exclusive, you would be right. Customers privileged enough to receive an allocation for the yet-unnamed BP23 will fork over £1.6million, or about $2.5million USD for their BP23. Quite the privilege, indeed. McLaren BP23 Hypercar News

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