McLaren P1 Goes MSO Awesome

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Just when we thought the McLaren P1 couldn’t get any sexier, it goes and puts on some lacey red and black underwear. Oooff. According to McLaren, this P1 is part of the company’s special MSO division that play with tuning, and exterior and interior color. Essentially, you ask for a custom McLaren P1, sign over a check, and these guys build you whatever you want.


And this special one-off red and black McLaren P1 is perhaps my all time favorite so far, besides a bare carbon McLaren P1. The car is actually black, but the guys over at MSO have expertly highlighted all the good parts of the car with red accents and pinstripes. It takes what is already a ridiculous hypercar, and makes it absolutely drop dead gorgeous.


The interior is also finished off in the exteriors color scheme making this hypercar truly one off. What’s interesting is that everyone that has seen this color pattern on this car instantly recognizes it as the McLaren Formula 1 teams new color scheme. And you have to admit, wouldn’t you like a McLaren P1 that looks like a Formula 1 car? I would.


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