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Porsche Mission E

Details emerge about the forthcoming Tesla-fighter and how Porsche plans to support it.

The tech website Ars Technica found out a little information about the exciting new Mission E, and how Porsche plans to take on Tesla. One of the biggest barriers to electric cars for most people is a combination of limited range and cumbersome recharge times.

Tesla turned the world around with their fast charging network that was actually fast. Range? Well, we’re getting there. The Porsche Mission E will have the performance of the Ludicrous Tesla Model S, thanks to 600 hp electric motors. The 310-mile range courtesy of a 95-kWh battery gets the Mission E squarely into Tesla’s weight class.

Porsche Mission E


The big one, charge time, takes a bit more forethought. Tesla has a network of “Superchargers” that allow owners to quick-charge their Tesla in 75 minutes (100% charge, using pretty much all of the car’s range). Plenty of time for a leisurely lunch. For a quick charge, a Tesla hits 50% in 20 minutes and 80% in 40. Porsche plans to install 800 Volt (!) fast-charging stations in all of their 189 dealerships across the country. They are anticipated to provide 250 miles of range (80% charge) in just 20 minutes. That’s barely enough time for a latte and a chat. This is in addition to the existing network of level 2 (220-volt) and DC fast charging stations at many malls and restaurants. Of course, Porsche notes, many owners will recharge in the comfort of their own garage at home.

A “real” Porsche?

Stefan Weckbach told Ars Technica, “The most fascinating thing about this project has been the team spirit and enthusiasm which has infected the entire organization. The entire company is working towards a single goal: with Mission E, we will offer a fully electric Porsche which is a perfect fit for our brand, finds approval with our customers, and rightfully bears the name ‘Porsche.'”


For a taste of what the Mission E will be like, look no further than the 919 Hybrid. Yes, the race car that won Le Mans in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Worried? Nah, neither are we.

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