Porsche 991 Street GT3 R by BBi Debuts at SEMA

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BBI Autosport 991 Street GT3 R displayed at SEMA

BBi Autosport 991 Street GT3 R takes the term ‘race car for the road’ literally.

The only problem with Porsche’s R version of the GT3 is that it’s a full-blown race car that is neither legal or suitable for daily driving. While Porsche did include air-conditioning and an optional heated front windscreen, the GT3 R is still lacking in many of the simple things an everyday driver would enjoy, such as cupholders, a round steering wheel, electric windows, seat-belts you can just slip in and out of, and the ability to hear the music you would be able to listen to if there was a stereo of some sort on the dashboard.

However,BBi Autosport believes that building a GT3 R that can be driven comfortably and safely enough on the road can be done with a large enough wallet and a painstaking approach to engineering. The base car was a 2015 991 GT3 that, after six months of planning and gathering parts, has been turned into something very special. Certainly, it’ll terrify a passenger should the driver choose to pick up the pace, but the passenger will be able to put their coffee in a holder so they can hold on for dear life to something that’s been bolted down.

The 991 Street GT3 project is not complete yet, but what you are looking at is working 991 Street GT3 R chassis with a  full interior. Not only will the Porsche hold onto the road like a cat to the carpet while chasing a laser dot, but BBI has taken great pains to make sure the sensors, modules, and even the transponder for garage opener still work and are nicely placed. That’s not as easy as it sounds when you consider the amount of cutting and fabrication needed to attach all the GT3 R carbon fiber bodywork properly, as well as reworking the inboard mounting for the suspension.

Because the new body effectively lowers the car, the OE suspension would fit but the geometry would be off so the reworking was done using a mix of suspension from cup cars and the original GT3. 6SpeedOnline spoke with the man the 991 Street GT3 R is being built for and he explained the aim is to have “all the geometry of a race car and make it drivable on the street and still keep it light, and with a full interior.”

When it’s finished, it will also have all the power of a serious race car. Currently, it has the stock engine but BBi is working on 991.2 power-plant that will have a power bump somewhere in the range of significant to lunatic level. The ingredients are a rebuild, two turbochargers, printed exhaust manifolds, a 12 injector system, a new engine management system, PDK upgrades, and heat exchangers and radiators to be added in place of the lights up front.

As badass as it looks right now, it will have a new color scheme that hasn’t been decided yet as well as full Alcantara and houndstooth interior. We can’t wait to see the full-on end result.

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