Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo is the Electric Off-Road Panamera of Our Dreams

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Porsche calls it a ‘concept study,’ but the Mission E Cross Turismo is anything but that.

This all-electric ‘lifestyle’ SUV showcases the future of the Porsche brand, and it’s the immediate future. Porsche originally showcased the Mission E in 2015, and has since trickled out additional details ever since. Indeed, even just last week, Porsche was talking details about the brand’s electric infrastructure plan.

Now, the brand has shown off its all-electric sports car. It will have over 600 horsepower, an electric range exceeding 500 kilometers (311 miles), and be supported by an 800-volt charging system. But the Mission E Cross Turismo is more than just numbers, Porsche claims it is embedded with the brand DNA, too.

Check out the headlights inspired by the 918 Spyder supercar. The profile has a direct connection to the Panamera Sport Turismo. And the back, surely it’s 911-inspired. Oh, and the “E” in the Porsche light strip glows when the Mission E Cross Turismo is being charged.

Back to the facts and figures for a second.

Two permanent magnet synchronous motors (PSM) with a system output of more than 600 hp (440 kW) allow the Mission E Cross Turismo to do the 0-60 sprint in under 3.5 seconds. Similarly, it will dispatch of the quarter mile is about 11 seconds. That’s some serious pace, and Tesla-capable firepower. Furthermore, Porsche claims, this level of continuous power is unmatched by any other electric vehicle: multiple accelerations are possible in direct succession without loss of performance. That electric motor can reach an 80% charged state from flat in just 15 minutes. For those keeping count, that’s a range in excess of 250 miles.

On the chassis side of things, the Cross Turismo is decidly Panamera-inspired. It features adjustable air suspension, with a 50 millimeter range in ride height. Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) is also on board, providing active roll stabilization, and superior cornering performance.

Inside the Mission E Cross Turismo is a full suite  of active and passive safety tech, as well as a myriad of screens and interfaces. Oh, joy. It’s all a bit HAL2000 to us, but this Porsche offers all occupants in the vehicle a lot of access to a lot of screens. Interestingly, we have heard of gesture control, where drivers can use hand signals to control the infotainment screen hands-free. Here, Porsche is using eye-tracking control. We don’t mean to poke fun, but no matter how intelligent the eye-tracking system is, the occasional glance, or even sneeze is going to send the radio into a freefall of channel changing. Hopefully, Porsche proves us wrong here.

More details on this electric vehicle “study” as we get them. Or, perhaps enterprising Porsche owners could head to their dealership and ask about allocations. It’s only a matter of time until we see Mission E become a reality.

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