Ultra-Rare Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon Crashed Before Owner Even Gets It

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Koenigsegg test driver smashes Agera RS Gryphon before owner ever sees it.

The already insane Koenigsegg Agera RS gets even more insane with the advent of the “Gryphon.” It’s debut at the Geneva auto show showcased even more carbon composites from the already carbon fiber-intensive car. What’s more insane then the concept of the car? How about buying one, and then being told it’s been crashed at the factory.

Exotic car collector, Manny Khoshbin commissioned this Gryphon to be built for him. However, he was informed by Christian von Koenigsegg personally that an accident occurred with his car. Khoshbin took it in stride, acknowledging that accidents happen. As you would expect from a boutique, ultra exotic manufacturer, Koenigsegg is taking care of Khoshbin in a very special way. Mr. Koenigsegg presented Khoshbin with several options to remedy the issue. It sounds like this Gryphon will be repaired, and a bespoke Agera RS, with “a very unique specification,” is now being built for him to replace it.

Koenigsegg has said that they would like to keep the crashed Gryphon as a test subject. Perhaps this will give the manufacturer more information about the crash protection and repair characteristics of such a carbon composite-intensive vehicle. Irrespective of that, it’s quite cool to get an insight what it’s like to be a customer with a brand like Koenigsegg. Though, we would prefer to not have the cars crashed to hear about it.

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