Rolling Solo: The Center Seated 911 “Centro”

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “I love the 911, but it just has too many seats?” Is so, then look no further. Shawn Bayliff’s work at Trinity Motorsports might be right up your alley.

He’s dubbed his creation the 911 centro. The end goal was simple: turn the 911 into a center seater. It took him over a year to do it, but he made it work. To his credit, the modification is an extremely clean one. Everything about the interior has retained a stock appearance and has been fitted together expertly. You just sit in the middle and everything else has been moved to the right a bit.

You might be wondering… Why? The video goes on to explain in detail why they chose the 911, but basically it’s because the McLaren F1 is inaccessible for just about everyone. So the better question is why not turn the 911 into a single seater? The only problem I can see is if, you know, you want to give someone a ride… ever. But! If you’re the type to roll solo anyway, then that might not be an issue for you! In which case there really isn’t anything stopping you from throwing out your passenger seat and pretending you’re driving an F1 car. 

Apparently, they’re also putting together a center-drive 911 track car as well. That makes more sense, but I don’t think it’s as cool (or as weird) as this street car. What do you think?

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via [9Magazine]
photo [Zach Courter]

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