Bat Out of Hell: The Saker S-1 is a Personal Fighter Jet

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Now that video phone watches are a prosaic reality and invisibility cloaks are a real possibility, isn’t it time we revisited our childhood daydreams of the ultimate vehicle? You can now pre-order the Saker S-1, a personal jet that looks like a fighter and flies like a bat out of hell.

No, it’s not invisible, but it does climb at a rate of 14,000 ft/min and cruise at 0.99 Mach. Moreover, the S-1 uses 20% less fuel than its competitors and according to Saker, “The 5,000 hour TBO on the engines and the estimated $2.00/NM gives the S-1 one of the lowest operating costs of any jet in its price category.”

Though if you’re considering dropping $7 million on a two-seater, I’m thinking expense doesn’t rank high on your list of concerns.


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