Top Gear Weighs in (Quickly) on the Best New Cars to Buy

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Chris Harris covers every price point and vehicle category on the market today.

Hey you! Are you in the market for a new car? Excellent, because this video clip from Top Gear has you covered! Wait, you’re not in the market? Well, neither are we, but, man, is this video funny to watch.

Top Gear host and veteran automotive presenter Chris Harris weighs in on the popular cars for sale in every segment of the automobile, all in under four minutes. Here we go.

Top Gear Chris Harris Best New Car to Buy

Harris starts with the “city cars,” a series of sub-compact, inexpensive hatchbacks. He proceeds to lambast out of the four options, before proclaiming the Volkswagen Up! as the victor in the segment. It’s cheap to buy and, in Harris’ own words, “quite a good car,” which is high praise from tough-to-please Brit.

“Moving on… Superminis! They are slightly bigger than city cars.” Harris never stops walking and talking. After lambasting the Volkswagen Polo as being substandard to a Golk, and the Mini Cooper for being a psuedo-Brit “it’s not right, like a German wearing a bomber jacket,” he proceeds to describe the Vauxhall Astra as being “less terrible now.” The one to buy in the segment is the Ford Fiesta, which, Harris says, is the best selling vehicle in the UK.

Never one to mince words, Harris moves on to small SUVs. After spitting in front of this group of vehicles, he proclaims them all to be “shitboxes” and moves on to the Volkswagen Golf, a vehicle Harris believes fits most people’s lifestyles the best. “It does a better job than all of these cars, put together,” ouch.

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Looking at small executive cars, the BMW 3-Series, Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the Alfa Romeo Guilia, Harris says to defy conventional wisdom and look beyond the BMW. The Benz is the nicer, more comfortable car.

Moving on, Harris looks at larger, family SUV models, like the Land Rover Discovery, Volvo XC90, Hyundai Sante Fe and the BMW X5. Harris asks why anyone would spend over “40,000 on a Hyundai” before proclaiming the Discovery to be ugly and the X5 to be worse than the previous model. The XC90 gets the win here, with Harris proclaiming that it’s a no-brainer choice because “Volvo has been on a roll at the moment.”

Of course, Harris posits, why buy any of those big, thirsty SUVs when a large family “saloon car” (sedan) basically does the same job? He praises the V90 estate, but mentions it’s not the best. Neither is the Jaguar XF, which, Harris claims, isn’t quite fully baked. So, it’s between the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the BMW 5-Series. The ultimate winner ends up being the 5er.

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