Triple Wing 1600 HP GT-R Destroys Simola Hill Climb Course Record

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When it comes to winning races, the Scribante Racing R35 does everything and anything secure victory.

Time attack cars usually are the craziest and most ridiculous builds out there. Even crazier than those are hill climb specific cars. Sometimes, we don’t even know what we are looking at anymore and whether or not its a car anymore. This is one of those cases without a doubt.

Featured in this video by the HillClimb Monsters YouTube channel is Franco Scribante’s R35 Nissan GTR from Scribante Racing. Supposedly its a R35, but we aren’t really sure anymore, we just haven’t seen a R35 with three wings mounted to it before, so this is all new to us. However, don’t misunderstand the matte black beast, its all about business and only business. This R35 is racing at the Jaguar Simola Hill Climb in South Africa, which happens every year in late spring. Let’s get into some details.

Scribante Racing R35

This Nissan features the standard VR38 engine, but with some high-end modification by Dodson Motorsport based out of New Zealand. The engine has been fully built with a sleeved bottom end, a custom head gasket, forged crank, billet forged rods, larger valves, a carbon intake manifold, bigger injectors, and bigger cams with a dry sump system. Featured is also the standard GTR GR6 transmission with some upgrades making it capable of handling over 2,000 HP. However, this modest built only features around 1,600 HP, to be reasonable.

Scribante Racing R35

This GTR does not feature the original metal body panels and rather has been custom space-framed with carbon fiber. This allows for a race weight of around 2,800 pounds without fuel or driver. Consider the fact that a 2019 GTR is 3,900 pounds stock, meaning that over a thousand pounds have been saved via body and chassis work.

However what stands out the most is obviously the aero. Featuring a unique dual front-wing design by Dynamic Aero Solutions. According to the description of the video, the upper front wing is actually taken from a Porsche 911 GT3 and custom-fitted to the GTR. We definitely didn’t expect that.

Scribante Racing R35

Well the car might look all cool and all, but does it go fast? You best believe it. The Scribante Racing R35 put down a record time at the hill climb with a time of 38.551, which was almost 2 full seconds quicker than any other car in class. Racing is determined in milliseconds, so that’s essentially a whole different league of speed. Did we mention this car was built to fit hill climb-spec within 3 weeks? Congrats Scribante Racing, you guys pulled it off and really deserve it.

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