Turbo Ferrari 458 M Spied!

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Spy-Shots of Cars

Much to my sadness, the age of naturally-aspirated sports cars is nearly over. Thanks to emissions requirements, high-strung engines just don’t make the cut. The next car to fall victim to forced-induction is the Ferrari 458.

The 2016 Ferrari 458 M, caught testing in these photos, will be the first mid-engined, turbocharged Ferrari in their current lineup. I’m sad that it won’t be the fabulous 4.5L V8 that revs to nearly 9,000 rpm, but I’m not too sad. This turbo 458 should be able to kick some serious ass!

Spy-Shots of Cars

The new Ferrari is said to have a variation of the engine found in the California T, but tuned to somewhere in the 660 horsepower range. From these shots, it looks like the front of the car will retain much of the look of the regular 458, and not the bonkers Speciale.

In the rear, the rear takes the shape of the Speciale, especially with exhaust placement. The areas covered towards the rear 3/4 could be intakes to help cool the twin-turbo engine.

Spy-Shots of Cars

The rest of the car should be standard 458 fare, meaning that it’s pretty damn good. It will undoubtedly remain one of the best performance cars that money can buy, but with a bit more grunt.

The McLaren 650S, one of the car’s biggest competitors, uses a twin-turbo V8 to make 650 horsepower. No matter how good the current Ferrari 458 is, it can’t keep up with that.

Expect that gap to be closed with the introduction of the 458 M. I just hope that the new engine, despite being turbocharged, retains the noise and character of the outgoing V8 engine.

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