World’s First Drift-Ready Toyota GR Supra Is No Joke

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Daigo Saito and Toyota already built a fully functional 800 HP drift-spec 5th gen 2020 Supra, and we can’t even buy one yet.

The talk of the town for many months has been the new 2020 Toyota Supra. As automotive journalists began to receive test vehicles over the past month and present us with reviews, we have begun to learn more and more about the controversial and ever polarizing Supra. However, over in Japan, Toyota and their Gazoo Racing division, have been busy as ever. One of the things they have been working on is a drift Supra.

Daigo Saito, former 2012 Formula Drift champion, and current D1GP driver has been Toyota’s partner of choice to present this new beast to the world. The car debuted yesterday at the Monster Energy D1GP All-Star Shootout in Tokyo. If you haven’t gotten a look at it, its menacing front end and ridiculously low and wide stance will make itself be known.

2020 GR Toyota Supra Drift Car

As seen in the video, Gazoo Racing seemingly steals a pre-production chassis from the factory and immediately begins breaking it down and chopping it into pieces. BMW fans might instantly notice that the capable B58 engine is pulled quickly in exchange for a household staple: the Toyota 2JZ-GTE. This move, while controversial, is understandable. For racing, a tried and true engine is key for consistency in competition. However, fret not, this is no standard 2JZ, but rather, a stroker 3.4L courtesy of famed tuning and aftermarket powerhouse HKS. It simply looks insane.


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Obviously, this motor needs to make big power to keep up with the crazy power levels seen in modern competitive drifting. After a quick dyno run its clearly seen that this 2JZ is no slouch, boasting 800 HP and 650 ft/lbs of torque. That is a lot power and considering how wide the tires are on this Supra, its going to need it.

A test and tune session later reveals that Toyota knows how to get a car sideways. Thanks to its WiseFab suspension set-up, the Gazoo Racing Supra sure looks the part at full-lock. We are more than excited to see how the car will perform in the regular season in Japan. Maybe Formula D in the U.S. will see the introduction of a similar U.S. spec Supra for next season? We sure do hope so.

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