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heavychevy 01-29-2007 11:50 PM

Official Turbo Weight Loss Thread/ Lightest Turbo List
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Want to trim some weight off of your turbo? You arent alone. This thread is for detailed inputs on weight reduction for the 996 Twin Turbo. Please no guesstimates or they wont be added to the list.

Ive been wondering how weight loss translates in terms of hp so I did some rough calculations that might be interesting to you all. If you assume a 3500 lb car with 500 hp, each 100 lbs of weight loss translates to this amount of power. Math experts please correct me if im wrong.

Weight....actual HP.........lbs/hp.............relative power
3500.......500.................7.0................ .500
3400.......500.................6.8................ .514.7
3300.......500.................6.6................ .530.3
3200.......500.................6.4................ .546.9
3100.......500.................6.2................ .564.5
3000.......500.................6.0................ .583.3

So a 300lb weight loss is the equivalent of adding 47 hp if my calculations are correct. Interesting to note that going from 3500 to 3400 is only equivalent to 14.7 hp and going from 3100 to 3000 is equivalent to gaining 18.8 hp. It would be interesting to make tables like this for cars with 600hp and 700 hp and so on. (rwm514)

Requirements for being included in the weight loss thread. #1 Replacement Part #2 Brand of said part i.e. GT3 Recaro seats, GTR Brembo BBK #3 Actual weight difference between both parts, weight lost by installing new part or the weight of the new part itself.

This method will allow us to eliminate some of the guess work for those of us trying to trim some weight.

More discussion on the topic of weight reduction for the 996 TT here https://www.6speedonline.com/forums/...ad.php?t=70932

Battery: Stock - 52 lbs
Odyssey PC680 14.99 lbs (Sallymobile)
Odyssey PC925 26.0 lbs (Sallymobile)
Odyssey PC1200 38.2 lbs (Sallymobile)
Optima Red Top battery = 39.4lbs (jimmer23)

Spare Tire and Tools Removal:
- 39.2 lbs (Al Norton)

Wiper Delete:
-3.8 lbs (Al Norton)

RWD Conversion:
-Differential, drive shaft, both axles - 68-71 lbs (rwm524 )
-Front differential 52.0 lbs. Driveshaft 6 lbs, 10 oz. Half shafts 12 lbs. 2 oz. the pair. -Total for removing these items -71.0 lbs. (Al Norton)

-Brembo 14" kit w/ 6-piston caliper (fronts only)
-OEM caliper weighs 10.1lbs vs. Brembo caliper weighs 7.8lbs
-OEM disc weighs 23.4lbs vs. Brembo disc weighs 16.9lbs - 17.6 lbs total

-Rotora 355 mm rotors with 6 piston fronts and 4 pistons rears... rotors 17LBS, 6 piston calipers 7 lbs., 4 piston rears 6 lbs
-19 lbs lost in front
- lbs lost in rear (MARKSKI)

-Stock Sport Seats- 46 lbs EACH
-Rear Seat Removal - 22.1 lbs (Al Norton)
-GT3 Seats - 58 lbs (Al Norton)

Clutch/Flywheel Items:
-Stock clutch/pressure plate/disc/flywheel - 46 lbs (Al Norton)
-Sachs clutch, pp and 964 flywheel weighs 28 lbs. (Al Norton)
-Clutch Actuator - 7 lbs (cjv)
-LWFW and Sachs Pressure PLate - 19 lbs (rwm 514)

Exhaust Items:
-Stock Exhaust : 57.6lbs
-996 Twin Turbo Sports Imported Racing Catalytic Converters with Muffler Bypass -Pipes -50lbs (f1crazydriver)
-Tubi Style exhaust(first gen) : 35.2lbs (TXGold)
-AWE Straight Pipes (7.5 lbs each) Heavychevy
-PSI Loud ~38 lbs Heavychevy
-AE Performance 996TT/GT2 exhaust (no cats): 26 lb Mr. White

Other Interior:
-Subwoofer Removal - 12.2 lbs (Al Norton)
-AC condensers, compresser 22.1 lbs (Al Norton)
-Door Speakers 18 lbs (pair) (Al Norton)
-Dash/Rear Speakers (1.5 lbs each) (Al Norton)
-Sunroof - TBD (Tom Kerr)
-All interior Carpet and Seatbelts TBD (Tom Kerr)
-Passenger front air bag removal 10lbs (Tom Kerr)
-Side Air Bags 5 lbs (One Love)
-Complete Interior Carpet approximately 52 lbs
-Shaved Interior Carpet 11 lbs

Body Parts:
-Bumper Supports -Front bumper support and all hardware 14.2
-Rear bumper support, rear heatshield, and all hardware 21.4 (TXGold)
-Getty Design
- CF Roof (no interior) 8lbs (stock w/ sunroof ~47 lbs with interior)
- FRP Roof (no interior) 10 lbs

- CF Hood 12 lbs (stock hood 40 lbs)
- FRP Hood 15 lbs
-Doors TBD (Tom Kerr)
-Stock hood 40lbs. Carbon Fiber Hood 16lbs. (luckyluke)
-Custom carbon hood 5lbs. 35lb savings. (luckyluke)
-Spoiler/Deck Lid & Carbon Fiber Roof - 35 lbs (luckyluke)
-Techart Wing, removal of wing motor mechanism - 30-35 lbs (DMK)
-Rear Bumperrettes - 2 lbs 7 oz for the pair (Al Norton)
-Misha GT2 Replica 30 lbs Stock Decklid 36 lbs (heavychevy)

Wheels: (hollows listed twice)
Factory 996 Turbo Hollows
8x18" at 22 lbs 2oz
11x18" at 26 lbs 5 oz

Factory 996 Turbo Solids
8x18" at 26 lbs 2 oz
11x18" at 31 lbs 6 oz

Factory GT2 wheels uses Turbo solids in wider spec:
8.5x18" at 28lbs 11 oz
12x18" at 33 lbs 0 oz

Factory GT3 wheels
8x18" 22 lbs 10 oz.
11x18" 27 lbs. 11 oz.

Factory GT2 wheels (later years, GT3 style)
8.5x18" 25 lbs. 2 oz.
12x18" 29 lbs.

Turbo II Hollow Spoke (BBS)
18x8 offset 50 996.362.136.04 21.27 lbs
18x11 offset 45 996.362.142.03 26.23 lbs
18x11 offset 45 996.362.142.11 26.23 lbs

Turbo I Hollow Spoke
18x7.5 offset 993.362.134.05 18.96 lbs
18x8 offset 993.362.136.00 19.62 lbs
18x10 offset 993.362.140.00 25.13 lbs
18x10 offset 993.362.140.01 23.37 lbs
18x10 offset 993.362.140.01A 23.94 lbs

Turbo Look II (BBS)
18x8 offset 50 996.362.136.01 26.23 lbs
18x11 offset 45 996.362.142.01 31.96 lbs
18x12 offset 45 996.362.142.31 32.4 lbs


-BBS E88 race wheels
18x9 18.8lbs
18x12 19.4lbs

18x8 20.6 lbs
18x11 24.5 lbs

-19" Dymags for 997S
16 lbs., 0 oz. front
19 lbs., 0 oz. rear

-Fiske Profil 13:
8.5X18 = 21 lbs.
12X18 = 22.5 lbs

Pirelli P Zero Nero Stock sizes front 23.14 lbs rear 27.11 lbs

Nitto NT-01 245/40ZR18 is 25.35 lbs. 315/30ZR18 is 29.98 lbs (AL Norton)

Continental Sport Contact 2 Stock Sizes front 23.14 lbs rear 25.35 lbs

Toyo Proxes R888
225/40 18 22.7 lbs
235/40 18 24.69 lbs
265/35 18 26.23 lbs

Yokohama Advan A048
225/40 18 22.92 lbs

Kumho Ecsta V70 A
225/40 18 22.92 lbs


These are not reductions, but will let you know about how much weight you will add back with safety equipment.

GMG Roll Bar - 45 lbs
Tequipment Full Bar - 28 lbs
Tequipment half bar - 10-15lbs

Lightest Turbo List:

Stock- 3495 lbs

Weights included are with 1/4 tank of gas averaged in or used on the scale.

Tom Kerr -

- 2500 gutted, no cage, no dash, no doors
- 2700 w/ cage only
- TBD finished product.

CJV - 2995 (-500 lbs)

3) Markski 3150 (- 345 lbs)-
-interior all gone except roof lining
-GT3 seats.
-no fron nor rear bumpers nor bumper supports.
-techart fron spoiler, side skirts,
-Gembella rear wing,
-small battery,
-Rear Wheel Drive.

-HOWEVER, I have huge GT35r turbos and wastegates, very heavy axles, big intercoolers, but lighter exhaust.

wirx 3175 (- 320 lbs)
-Removed spare and tools,
-removed rear seats,
-floor mats,
-straight pipes,
-removed NOS bottle,
-removed hood inside carpets,
-smaller battery, (22lbs),
-1 race seat,
-lighter decklid

Heavychevy 3175 (- 320 lbs)-
-Removed spare and tools,
-removed rear seats, floor mats,
-AWE straight pipes,
-One Corbeau Racing seat,
-964 RS LWFW,
-GMG roll bar,
-oddessey PC80 Battery,
-misha GT2 decklid and wing,
-wiper delete
-radio delete
-rear seatbelts delete
-cupholder delete

TXGold 3188 (- 307 lbs)
-RWD Conversion;
-Mats, Spare, and Tools;
-Wiper Delete;
-Rear Seat Removal;
-Subwoofer Removal;
-Straight Pipes with Cats;
-Rear and Front Bumper support removal

rwm514 3192 (- 303 lbs)
-RWD conversion,
-Fabspeed exhaust,
-spare and tools removed,
-floormats and manual removed,
-GT3 seats,
-rear seat removal

F1crazydriver (3210)

PV996TT 3216 (- 279 lbs)
-no spare,
-no rear seats,
-smaller battery,
-BBS wheels,
-carbon fiber doors and hood,
-RUF front,
-GT2 deck/lid problably the same weight as standard,
-carbon fiber GT3 seats,
-–hlins suspension,
-titanium rods,
-inconel headers,
-RUF steering wheel,
-RUF intake,
-Sportec carbon fiber airbox.
-Added weight: RUF Integrated Roll Cage, harness, oilcooler for gearbox, aluminium pedals.

jcb-memphis 3223 (- 268 lbs)
-aero front lip, cf front winglets
-Porsche Motorsports 996 RSR carbon rear wing,
-switzer exhaust,
-dynamat sound proofing put in and oem stuff moved out by the prior owner (a stereo junkie....),
-full rear,
- one Britax booster seat,
-JIC cross suspension (and full suspension from Dan at Vivid),
-GT3 Carbon Fiber Seats (custom color) (from Ray of ROTtec),
-H&R front and rear sways, ap control arms, ap front and rear links (Dan),
-stock rear wiper still in place, cg locks, turbo twists with sumitomo htr z III tires in 225/295 (tire rack)
-lightweight battery and aluminum racing bracket (rat racing)

BlackHorseTurbo 3240
With the following in place:
2 Rottec CGT seats (recline able 28lbs each)
1 Agency Power roll bar with cross brace (44lbs)
Status 5 point harness (8lbs)
1 Fire extinguisher
1 red top Optima battery (25lbs)
HRE 18" C20r wheels
Brembo GT-r Brakes and rotors
Straight Pipes (15lbs)
Front floor mats

With the following removed:
Stock seats
rear seats (belts in place still)
Spare tire and tools removed
Front drive and drive shaft
Rear Wiper
Rear wing motors

onelove 3246 (- 249 lbs) (TBD)

Silvershark 3282 ( - 209 lbs)
Removed spare tire and tools,
-Lighter battery 26lb.,
-Kinesis F110 wheels (F) 19x8.5 17lbs (R) 19x11.5 20lbs each
-Michellen PS2 tires,
-Europipe loud exhaust,
-Sachs P-plate ceramic disc ,
-Rear wiper delete,
-Corbeau A4 seats 25lbs each
-Removed rear seats,seat belts, hardware and foam rubber insulation

Contigo 3284 ( - 207 lbs) -
-Removed rear seats completelly plus seats belts,
-took off insulation of all the rear seats,
-changed front seats to GT3 seats CF,
-removed front and rear bumpers,
-AWE straight pipes,
-Gemballa racing wheels and Michelin PS2 tires rim 19,
-Rear wipper delette,
-CF hood,
-Rear Gemballa spoiler and GT2 CF wing,
-no spare, no tools,
-nothing in front empty,
-brembo GT brakes 8 piston and 380 mm floating rotors,
-bumperettes delette

Steve Theodore - 3320 (- 175 lbs)
-removed upper back seats,
-removed rear bumper,
-removed rear wing hydraulics,
-rear wiper/wiper motor delete,
-custom stock (de-catted) exhaust,
-removed spare tire and rest of junk from trunk,
-Fikse Profil 13 wheels,
-half tank of gas

Whirls 3347 (- 148 lbs)
-TechArt Type II body kit,
-GT3 Seats, rear seats removed,
-RUF 18" 3 piece wheels,
-Porsche roll bar

DrewTT 3350 (- 145 lbs)
-removed back seats,
-rear wiper delete,
-sport seats,
-tubi exhaust,
- removed spare tire and rest of junk from trunk
-quarter tank of gas.

Mikelly 3360 (- 135 lbs)
- GT2 rear wing/wiper delete,
- removal of front bumper stops/hardware,
-GT3 seats,
-DGI Exhaust (superlight weight),
-PSS9 Coil overs,
-and no tool kit

SEVE KOJASEVIC-3430 (-65 lbs)
-lbs rwd full tank of gas full interior ,
-sport seats (semi powered)
-heavy OEM 19" carrera wheels

STOCK WEIGHT Manual - 3495 lbs (may vary depending on options Sunroof, Sport Seats, Hollows)
Tiptronic - ??????

From pg 17

Originally Posted by oak (Post 1559951)
I didn't get a chance to weigh all this stuff I removed,... I think it's more than 38lbs. didnt' seem that heavy while removing individual items but once everything was removed it seemed to weigh much more than 38lbs.

Originally Posted by silvershark (Post 1557259)
I removed the same things, in addition I removed the foam rubber insulation
over the fenders. 38lb savings

Originally Posted by silvershark (Post 1570819)

DMK 01-30-2007 12:46 AM

Wing motor and other parts conversion to stationary wing I believe was 30 - 35lbs

jimmer23 01-30-2007 12:20 PM

Optima Red Top battery = 39.4lbs

heavychevy 01-30-2007 01:40 PM

Originally Posted by DMK
Wing motor and other parts conversion to stationary wing I believe was 30 - 35lbs

Which wing, the same as yours? Please Specify.

Al Norton 01-30-2007 02:48 PM


A more correct figure for rear wiper would be 3.8 lbs. according to my measurement of 3 lb. 13.5 oz.

DMK 01-30-2007 04:07 PM

Sorry Techart.

heavychevy 01-30-2007 05:50 PM

Originally Posted by DMK
Sorry Techart.


You too Al.

Divexxtreme 01-30-2007 10:43 PM

Good stuff, guys. Keep the great info coming.

tom kerr 01-31-2007 03:08 PM

I think I should stand corrected on the rear wiper, take off my 7 pounds must have had other junk in my hands, the other number sounds better.

Rear seats out they are light and dont know but 5-10 pounds max.

YNOTFAST 01-31-2007 04:52 PM

What, specifically, must you remove from the wiper delete to drop over 3 pounds? I assume it is more than just the rear wiper arm and blade. If so, what do you do to fill the hole?

Al Norton 01-31-2007 04:55 PM

You will remove the motor assembly also. It involves popping out that rear vertical panel and you will need a 13mm socket to get the wiper blade off and 10mm socket to remove the inside bolts. Erik the plug guy, found on this forum, can supply a plug for under $30.

heavychevy 01-31-2007 05:22 PM

I'm gonna weigh my car this weekend when I take it to the drag strip. I will be able to hold the #1 spot on the lightest turbo list until someone with some real weight loss posts up. MUHAHAHHAHAHAAH

YNOTFAST 01-31-2007 08:45 PM

Thanks Al. So how does it look with a plug in place of the uncomfortable looking rear wiper. And do I even want to know how Eric the plug guy got his name?

DMK 01-31-2007 10:01 PM

Bumper supports aprox 20lbs per

Al Norton 01-31-2007 10:15 PM

Originally Posted by YNOTFAST
Thanks Al. So how does it look with a plug in place of the uncomfortable looking rear wiper. And do I even want to know how Eric the plug guy got his name?

Plug looks great. Perfect match to my Arctic Silver. I expect a perfect match will also occur with your color.

Don't Know how the name came to be, but the service is stellar.

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