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APEXRaceParts 05-01-2018 05:15 PM

► APEX | 18 Porsche Wheel Pre-Order Group Buy

APEX 18” Porsche Wheel Group Buy

Thousands of you took our survey and shared invaluable information that influenced what’s included in this deal. We're happy to announce that our Porsche pre-order Group Buy is now live.

The ability to bring these wheels to fruition is dependent on your pre-order Group Buy participation. We're committed to each specific fitment and finish so long as there is enough interest for each. This Group Buy allows you to pre-order with the potential for the deepest discounts we'll ever offer. You can view all sizes, pricing, and details on the Group Buy site linked below. Participate, spread the word, and rejoice that our Porsche wheels are finally near.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here, reach out directly, or submit them through the Group Buy platform.


Thinking about waiting to join until your discount is hit? Don’t do that!
We always recommend getting your pledge in as early as possible. The system in no way rewards watching the deal and joining late. The whole purpose of the pledge system is to allow you to join with confidence and security even within the first minute of the deal accepting payment. You’ll never have to pay more than you’re willing to - even if you’re the first participant. Pledging is risk free!

How do I participate?
Visit the official Deal Dashboard on GangUp.com. From there, you can show your interest by joining our feeler list. You’ll receive an email reminder when the deal officially opens. When the deal is live and accepting payments, you can complete checkout and pay for your order from the same page. All product details, member participants, and discussions can be found on that Dashboard.

I want to know more about APEX wheels. Where can I learn more about them?
All APEX wheels are highly regarded and fully verified with official JWL and VIA certifications for every single size and offset. We created these wheels to inspire confidence during track days, race events, and everyday driving. Click here to learn everything about APEX wheels. The quality of information is worth your time!

What if I have some questions?
No problem! You can simply contact us by clicking “Message Vendor” on the deal page or via [email protected]. Please avoid sending us Private Messages as they do not automatically go into our ticketing system and will experience a delay for responses.

What’s different about our Group Buy?
Joining Group Buy deals via forums is traditionally a very manual process. Since our deals have grown so large over time, we are working with a new tool to organize these deals in a single, well organized location. This deal is entirely managed on GangUp.com where you can pay, follow, and discuss the deal’s status.

Want to see how they look?

APEXRaceParts 05-03-2018 04:19 PM

Our Group Buy is live and running. Hundreds of 996 enthusiasts took our survey, so please build your desired set and add yourself onto the interested list! With your participation, we're on the road to hit the maximum discount.

Our latest APEX blog post sheds some light on the SM-10's knurled bead. Check it out HERE!

APEXRaceParts 05-16-2018 03:59 PM

Thank you for your participation thus far! We have more than enough interest to reach the maximum discount if everyone pledges their interest.

Select your preferences, configure your set, and submit your interest. Then, if you haven't done so already, please feel free to officially pledge your interest. It is risk free and you're not obligated to purchase your selected set if your desired discount tier is not met. Keep in mind that preferences and delivery timing are prioritized and shipped in the order that official pledges are received.

APEXRaceParts 05-24-2018 03:10 PM

There's one month remaining before the payment phase!

Please reach out for any fitment advice, Group Buy questions, or anything in-between. Participate to earn the largest discount we'll offer!

APEXRaceParts 05-31-2018 04:43 PM

Our first two Porsche SM-10 production samples have arrived. Here's a little teaser until we get more photos...


APEXRaceParts 06-05-2018 04:57 PM

Our production samples have arrived! Which finish are you planning on pre-ordering in our Group Buy? Please let me know which you'd like to see.

Here's Anthracite -


APEXRaceParts 06-11-2018 12:03 PM

Pictures speak louder than words. Seen here are the first Porsche SM-10 production samples.

This 996TT is sitting on 18x9” ET46 front, 18x12” ET45 rear Anthracite SM-10 with 255/35-18 front, 315/30-18 rear Toyo R888.


To see which specifications are best suited for your needs, please review our fitment guides HERE.

APEXRaceParts 06-14-2018 04:25 PM

What’s better than a Sharkwerks 3.9L 997 GT3RS? A Sharkwerks 3.9L 997 GT3RS on 18” APEX SM-10.

We jumped at this opportunity to mount and photograph our 189” ET46 front, 1812” ET45 rear SM-10’s equipped with 255/35-18 front, 315/30-18 rear Toyo R888. We’ve constructed our 18” Porsche SM-10 to fit the GT3RS’ enormous 380mm rotor, 6-piston Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes (PCCB).

With 450RWHP, the SM-10’s knurled bead minimizes unwanted tire rotation, the reinforced inner lip combats its rear weight bias, and the I-beam spoke concavity ensures proper weight distribution and a stunning appearance.






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