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heeltoe914 11-11-2008 11:53 PM

Fire Sale SOLD SOLD 02 Viper RT-10 Fast, 460Hp 500Tq
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A modern day muscle car, A Snake that cant be tamed, A smile a mile, is what I refer to it as. Some say the 2002s are the best of everything. ABS brakes, Airbags. Full power. Remote alarm and so much more. Plus a much better Suspension design than earlier year Vipers. Whatever you do respect it. I am selling my 2002 RT 10 with 16K miles on the clock, the car is in great shape as original as it gets except for Alpine stereo and 300Watt Amp. The interior is perfect as well as the engine compartment. Needless to say the car is supper fast and pulls like a train. Rare Graphite color exterior that looks great.
Seats are very clean no signs of wear, all adjustments working.
Dash is 10. Door panels 10 Carpet 9, Gauges all working, switches. Levers and all glass locks 10. Remember the car has only 16K miles.
Wheels tires
This car has a perfect set of the stock 18 inch rims with a 2nd set of Rims that will come with the car. Both sets have a few thousand miles left on the tires.
Suspension / brakes
Well this car handle great I never understood why some think the viper dose not handle well but this one really dose I have taken it on a few canyon drives and compared to my Porsches it really holds its own but you better be smooth. Recent Alignment with spec, sheet provided with sale. Brakes supper strong and look great in Jet-black. All shocks, tie rods, boots and link as you would expect from a car with 16K miles.
No oil leaks or fluid leaks of any type from any part of the car.
This Viper V-10 is so sound and starts every time without hesitation. New battery (02-08 980CCA). I live in a hot climate and have not had any overheating problems at all. Resent coolant flush based on age of coolant. What can I say engine runs great and purrs like a lion. Trans shifts great as you would expect 16K miles?? I rate the Engine and Trans 10 out of 10.

All glass, rubber, trim, leather is in great shape car has always been parked in garage. All panels are as thay came from the factory, Except passenger side rocker panel that was replaced. Car unfortunately has a salvage title do to some off-roading that the PO did. I cant believe that a salvage was put on this car do to a damaged front facia, a damaged passenger side valance and both passenger side rims scuffed but not even the clear coat on the rims is that bad. As I have been told many times a Hi-End car will be salvaged because he Insurance Company dose not wont the risk of trying to repair such and exotic sports car.
As you can see from the pixs car was driven home and than to the alignment shop and NOTHING on the frame or suspension was damaged. We did have to move one of the radiator supports back but if you know Vipers thats no big deal in fact many bend this part just going to fast over bumps. You will see no repaint on any major panels in fact the passenger side has a few key like scratches from the off-roading/ All work was documented and pictured so please fill free to ask for more pixs of the cars.

The Viper has an 8.0L V10 SFI engine that produces 450 hp and 500 foot pounds of torque. Thanks to the 6 spd. manual transmission, the Viper is rated at 12 mpg/city and 21 mpg/hwy.

2002 Dodge Viper Handling, Ride & Braking Standard Features
-Four disc brakes including four ventilated discs
-Limited slip differential
-Spacesaver alloy rim internal spare wheel
-Wishbone front and rear suspension with stabilizer bar independent with coil springs

I am selling this car with the 2nd set of rims for $31K For such a low mileage and perfect running car. Car can be taken to any shop for a PPI. And I will and have helped other with shipping as needed on other cars that I have owned.
I can be reached at 818 266 7774 or [email protected]
Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any question.

heeltoe914 11-12-2008 10:59 AM

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more pixs

heeltoe914 11-16-2008 04:23 PM

Thanks for moving this add

Bigdane 11-17-2008 10:12 AM

Thats a hell of a price even in this market

heeltoe914 12-12-2008 03:55 PM

Price drop 38500 I need the garage space.

Efterlyst27 12-18-2008 03:01 PM

love that color

heeltoe914 10-16-2009 11:21 AM

Price drop.
Price drop need the space this winter 35K.

Ken 10-16-2009 01:39 PM

What's the VIN?

topcarbon 10-16-2009 02:05 PM

thats cheap

AMSMIKE 10-17-2009 11:09 AM

great price. GLWS

zracer196 10-18-2009 08:09 AM

I sold my mint 15K mile GTS for $35K. Seems like that is the right price to move it. Took a couple of weeks for me. Mine was not a salvage title though.

Nice car! GLWS!!

Talisman013 10-18-2009 10:46 PM

Awesome color, GL with sale, free bump

heeltoe914 11-05-2009 11:02 PM

Yes as the adds says I have my other car on hold for a few days Buy this 02 low mile car for 31K and I wont cry in front of you. 818 266 7774

rmani 11-07-2009 10:12 AM

Originally Posted by Bigdane (Post 2138706)
Thats a hell of a price even in this market

you guys do realize this car is a salvage titled car right? the car looks gorgeous but given the viper market clean titled cars can be had in the high 20s

heeltoe914 11-07-2009 11:35 AM

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This car had a exhaust cover damaged and the front fascia cracked, One rim was bent, And the insurance called it totaled. Here are the pixs of damage fare from anything that has been cut up or put on a frame machine. Its been aligned perfect and drives 100% our your money back in writing.
here are some pixs of little old me doing the little work it needed. I drove it home guys?
The pixs are from two hours after getting the car. Repalced top side cover and rim. a few weeks later after getting all parts painting work.

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