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John Fiammetta 04-16-2019 09:04 AM

Scuttle drains maintenance GT

Set wipers to service and mark on the screen with tape .Helps realignment later

14 mm ratchet remove them .If they have not been off for a while this may need a bit of penetrating oil and twiddling.Use something like copperslip when you put them back

Turn the clips and prise the cover off the engine bulkhead .There May be a couple of screws to remove at the ends near the glass as well.

This is a piece of fireproof sheeting tie wrapped over the main fuse / relay box to protect from water .A personal mod I did

It flips up for access - see the exposed multi pin plugs sat on the box lid .

Other side .

My HVAC unit - note the ď splice ď and multi pin sockets I think moved up from under the unit . A previous repair / mod from the previous owner .

Vac adapter.

Attached to the end of a vacuum cleaner and inserted to the side of the HVAC and crucially rotated 90 degrees to get right under towards the drain opening .

Other side of the HVAC ď bulkhead ď Also not shown the opposite side and carefully vac up everything.

When down showing how you twist it 90 degrees .

Try in there as well

Cup full of water added .You can hear it instantly trickle on the floor .

Results.Free flowing .

Your time interval will depend on the environment you park it in .Think tree seeds , pine needles , leaves , even blown sand etc .

Thereís the reason why you need to maintain this drain .


Just to add with the Key Less Entry Exit And start , if that footwell box gets wet ( primarily caused by a knock on effect of scuttle drain being blocked ) then sometimes the starter motor can burn out , if so thatís an engine out job .

i,am not sure when Bentley changed / modified the scuttle design to traditionally the corners under the hood hinges like 99 % of cars I think happy to be corrected around 2009 ? .

BWings 04-16-2019 11:23 AM

Hi John:

This is an EXCELLENT writeup and Thanks for doing it! Everyone talks about these scuttle drains, but it's not so clear where they are or what to do.

I've worked mine twice. The first time I tried vacuum and got things fairly cleaned up, but I wasn't as creative as you with the attachment you built. On my second try I went the opposite way and used forced air with about 6 Bar air pressure. My drains do flow as I've done the same test, flooded the compartment and observed the water level and subsequent flow underneath.


Finally, I solved my problem permanently! Notice, I don't have any windshield wipers on my car:

I simply don't need them because I now refuse to drive in the rain!....problem permanently solved....and since it only rains about 20cm per year in Arizona, I still get lots of dry driving time....

gerryfh 04-17-2019 04:10 PM

Hi John great write up this is a job I’m definitely going to do, one question how do you set the wipers to service, I cleaned the fuel cap drain recently and flushed it out with a mixture of truck wash and water

John Fiammetta 04-18-2019 01:53 AM

Originally Posted by gerryfh (Post 4777615)
Hi John great write up this is a job Iím definitely going to do, one question how do you set the wipers to service, I cleaned the fuel cap drain recently and flushed it out with a mixture of truck wash and water

Its in the handbook .From memory on the centre console press ď vehicle ď then ď settings ď then ď other ď and itís the LHS 2nd down switch says ď wiper service ď or words to that effect ?

Having said that itís possible to wiggle the wipers off in the closed position too but thereís is not as much clearance from the back edge of the bonnet when itís up .

You can lub the wiper linkage as well once the scuttle cover is removed.

John Fiammetta 04-27-2019 09:25 AM

Another VAG product, this time Audi Q3 , contrast this design and thought fullness with the Bentley.

just to illustrate how it should be done .


Standing water

Rain and beech tree leafs unfurling and spreading with wind sticking to the glass .

Battery box and crucially the engine fuse box - see the red +ve wires at its base .

look carefully at the fuse box lid , it’s dusty never gets wet and is properly and easy to re fix the lid .Its mounted about an inch above the wheel arch so even if the scuttle was to flood and water spill over into the engine compartment both bat and fuse box would stay dry .

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