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[email protected] 06-12-2012 10:08 PM

New 996 GT3 Exhaust by SpeedTech
We have spent the past few of weeks developing and perfecting our new 996 GT3 exhaust system. We based the system on our trademark X-Flow design and it sounds fantastic!

Features include:
  • X-Flow modular design
  • Hi-Flow catalytic converters
  • Custom SpeedTech dual in-line mufflers
  • Polished dual wall tip or special lightweight track tip
  • Removal of heavy OEM mufflers
  • Dramatic weight reduction - system only weighs only 18-25 lbs. (depending on options)
  • X-Pipe w/hi-flow sport cats can be used with OEM muffler (option)
  • optional cat bypass pipes (modular)
  • optional muffler bypass pipes (modular)
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Extremely flexible design allows easy modular design changes on the fly without a lift
  • Incredible sound!
This system is loaded with features the discerning 996 GT3 enthusiast will appreciate. Please contact us via tel, email or PM for further information.

Here is a link to short video made during development...more to come.


mobilett 06-13-2012 01:45 PM

That sounds pretty good!

Mikelly 06-13-2012 02:37 PM

Hmmm... Loved the Xcellerator on my 996TT... Was actually the best system of the aftermarket units I owned...


[email protected] 06-13-2012 07:10 PM

Thanks Mobilett and Mike!

Mike, good luck with the new car search! IMO, this system is another home run in the SpeedTech exhaust department. It sounds absolutely fantastic in person and has all the right options. We will be doing a more in depth video this weekend...

DBV 06-13-2012 07:19 PM

Why does that car have the taco wing instead of the MK1 GT3 wing?

[email protected] 06-13-2012 09:40 PM

The car in the video is a customers Euro model GT3. I am not sure what wing it came with...

AudiOn19s 06-14-2012 06:56 AM

What is the diameter of this system?
Dyno proven results?
Pictures of the various tips available? Can it be used with stock exhaust tips?

With that wing your test mule is either a US spec 3.4l regular 996 or a MKI Euro Spec 996 GT3 MKI as you state.

Either way the MKI made different power with different delivery at a different RPM than the US spec MKII cars, why not use a US MKII car for your development of a product that would seem to be for the US market?

[email protected] 06-14-2012 08:08 AM

The system uses 2 1/4" piping, slightly larger than OEM. We offer a polished slash cut tip or a lighweight simple slash cut pipe for maximum weight reduction. No, you will not be able to re-use the OEM tips with our in-line mufflers.

That said, if you choose to run our hi-flow catted X-Pipe to the OEM mufflers, in lieu of our SpeedTech in-line mufflers, then of course you will have to use the OEM tips or equivilent with the OEM or SpeedTech OEM style (side mounted) mufflers.

[email protected] 06-14-2012 11:04 PM

To explain a little more in depth...There are several tip options available, such as:

* Simple slant cut 2 1/4" track tips for light weight
* Mirror polished 3" slant cut tips
* OEM tips w/ OEM mufflers or equivilent when using just the catted X-

** Then we have the optional track "turn-down" tips to direct the sound to the side or to the ground for tracks with decibal limits

DHI 06-17-2012 06:32 AM

You tease!!
More video!
"This" close to jumping in.

[email protected] 06-17-2012 09:02 AM


Stay tuned - we are filming today!

[email protected] 06-17-2012 10:45 PM

OK, here is some additional video of the system, filmed today...

[email protected] 06-18-2012 06:36 PM

Our customers GT3 left today for Watkins Glen with it's new exhaust system installed...

Results: 50 Lbs. weight reduction with high-flow cats and mufflers installed. And a much lower center of gravity for the exhaust system - very positive attributes for track times!


But not before testing the optional "turn down" track tips pictured below -These tips are designed for tracks with noise limits such as those in Eastern Canada, CT, CA, etc. and dramatically reduce the decibel level. They can be rotated to project at various angles, as well...

These are "add on" turn down tips and can be installed/removed in minutes, to the standard lightweight tips supplied with the system.


[email protected] 06-18-2012 08:19 PM

For anyone intersted, here is a sound clip with the turn down tips installed...

homer997 06-18-2012 09:40 PM

decibel level.
Hi John,

do you or can you get a decibel level with turn downs. 92 decibel max at Mont Tremblant circuit. WOuld it pass?


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