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RogMas18 04-03-2018 11:59 PM

100k 07 Quattroporte
Hello. Some hugely informative posts, here. I am looking at an 07 Quattropote with 100,000 miles. No one's buying it. I had a bad experience with a Jaguar XJ350 because of the huge price of suspension componetns and bushes. I think that engines, today, are reliable, but does the Maserati have expensive issues with suspension and running gear? This is a dream car at a price I can afford to buy...but can I afford to run it? Many thanks for feedback.

bentleyua 04-12-2019 01:54 PM

Hi, the car is really cheap to buy - probably the cheapest car which u ever can buy with a Ferrari Motor. But there are a lot of issues with the suspension, transmission and a lot of other Stuff. I really donít recommend you to buy this car if you are not sure if you can afford to maintain it. In my Opinion the Standard QP needs also a bit work that you can enjoy it. And if you buy one, buy a newer one - I think after 09 - they look much better with the new Grill and LEDs in the Head and Taillights.

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