Drive’s Chris Harris Tests the 2013 Boxster S

Unlike a certain other video I posted about the Boxster, this video is actually in English–British English even!–so I can understand it! Brilliant! Anyway, I’ve always thought the characterization of the Boxster as a “hairdressers car” was unfair. Like the similarly maligned MX5, I think most people who make that argument don’t much about cars.

  Comments | By - April 7, 2012

48 GT3 Cup Cars Spell Out Porsche on the Straight at Estoril

Fans of Stuttgart’s handiwork would probably rather see GT3 Cup Cars ripping around a track rather than parked on one. But this video is still cool. Apparently it took almost 180 people 23 hours to get the 48 weapons-grade GT3 Cup cars into proper formation. I can’t get over how the finished product mirrors Porsche’s font.

  Comments | By - April 6, 2012

Stunt Plane Gets Up Close and Personal With Gallardo

In case you were wondering, stunt pilots have serious balls. I don’t have any idea where this came from, but it blew my mind. Sure, almost half of it is black screen, and the quality isn’t great, but what’s there shows a stunt plane getting within spitting distance of a Gallardo.

  Comments | By - April 5, 2012

Circular Logic: A Short History of Ferrari’s “F”

Ferrari’s F series is reliably the most literal example of bringing racing technology to the streets. So what else would you possibly do with an Enzo, an F50, F40 , and the incredibly cool 288 GTO? Donuts of course! This quick clip will give you a visual and auditory history lesson on Ferrari’s race cars for the road.

  Comments | By - April 5, 2012

DRIVE’s Recap of the 2012 Porsche IMSA GT3 Cup Opener is Awesome

This is a great recap of this year’s season opener at Sebring, and an awesome introduction if you’re not familiar with the Porsche IMSA GT3 Cup. It’s the largest single-make series in the States, and it’s kind of like the American Le Mans Series’ farm league, allowing drivers a chance to sharpen their skills before jumping to the big show.

  Comments | By - April 4, 2012

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