Me + The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider = A Better Love Story Than ‘The Notebook’

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4c spider

I’ll be the first one to admit that I love comfort, luxury and convenience in any vehicle. Mainly because I don’t see the point of suffering behind the wheel, or having a crappier time while driving than you do at your cubicle or child-ridden house. That being said…

I recently spent a few days behind the wheel of a $74,995 dollar, 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, and it was a better love story than “The Notebook.”

What’s your drug? Is it going to the batting cages, a music concert, skydiving, etc? (Hopefully it’s not an actual drug – say no to drugs). Well, mine is driving. Hitting the open road, enjoying some back roads, soak in the scenery, admire mother nature, and if things line up right, enjoy a fine machine through my buttocks and fingertips. The 4C Spider is exactly that, a fine, Italian machine.

4c spider

A fine machine that makes you work though… The lack of power steering forces you to work out your arm muscles every time you park, the extremely low to the ground seat makes you wish you were a gymnast, and the stiff suspension will make you wish for a better physical shape to avoid feeling your “giggly bits” bounce every time you drive over a bump or pothole. Funny enough, none of that matters once you engage first gear and crack the throttle wide open. Everything that’s silly, complicated, and difficult (trust me, there are many) goes away and is replaced with pure driving pleasure.

The 4C Spider’s 235 horsepower may not seem like much on paper, but that’s when you realize just how heavy modern cars are. This little Alfa goes like hell, yet a Focus RS needs 350 horses to achieve less stellar performance figures than this. That’s because modern cars have heavy infotainment units, lots of amenities, heated seats, power seats, and luxuries like carpeting and insulation… the horror!

4c spider

Thanks to its carbon fiber tub, the 2,465 pound Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is everything you want, and everything you hate. It’s a pain to get in and out, the stereo is 15-years old, the removable top takes up 80% of the already minute trunk space, and you’ll never be able to fly below the radar, which means you can never get away with doing naughty things.

Could you drive this every day? Absolutely. Would you enjoy it? Probably. But, just because you can it doesn’t mean you should. This is a special car, one to be enjoyed and loved, and not bothered with mundane daily tasks. (And if you have kids, they’ll absolutely go bonkers for it!)

4c spider

In the end, I love being pampered on the road as much as you do, but I’m glad there are cars that still allow me to fall in love with the open road. But most importantly, that don’t cost $300,000 bucks.

If you love driving, you’ve got to drive an Alfa Romeo 4C.

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Photos via: [Matthieu Picard & Sean Grove]
Story via: [@DrivesWGirls]

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