Amazon Mixes Up BMW M3 And F1 Racing Clutch Order

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Amazon Formula 1 Clutch

One BMW owner got the wrong part delivered in the coolest way possible.

Mix ups come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is seriously impressive. Motor Authority reports a BMW M3 owner ordered a new clutch for their ride, and instead of one for a road car, but when the box arrived, something wasn’t quite right. That’s because they were instead sent the clutch for a Formula 1 car.

As you can see from the picture, the size of the clutch unit is a giveaway that it’s a specialty motorsport unit. Furthermore, clutches like this aren’t actually sold to the public. Not that the public – or any road car for that matter – would really have much use for a clutch with 4 plates and is this “small.”

Curious as they may be, Motor Authority reached out to specialist transmission company ZF to get some feedback on this clutch. ZF responded that it’s not a clutch meant for public purchase. Motor Authority estimates the clutch in question to be valued at $5,000-$7,000.


BMW was in Formula 1 from 2000 through 2009, first as an engine supplier to Williams, and then in 2006 bought out Sauber to create their own F1 team. As it stands, the clutch would most likely one of those cars if it is an actual Formula 1 clutch and not a clutch from a smaller series formula style car. Still, it would be interesting to have a part meant for an F1 car driven by F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel, or even Mark Webber, Robert Kubica, or Jacques Villenuve.

It does make one wonder what would be done in a situation like this. Do you keep it as a cool memento and just buy another to get your M3 back on the road? Would you return it in good faith? Would you try to sell it on the black market?

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