This Animated Graphic Perfectly Explains Superchargers and Turbochargers

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Turbos and Superchargers are becoming more and more common on modern cars because they are able to boost power outputs on smaller displacement engines.

So how do these forced induction parts work? Turbochargers and superchargers are fairly simple devices in principle, but a good visual is sometimes the best way to show how something functions.

This website by Australian tire seller Tyroola does exactly that with 3-D visual diagrams and an infographic layout. 


The animations are fairly basic and easy enough to understand while accurate enough for engineers to appreciate. The Tyroola site lets users explore cutaway versions of a supercharged V6 and a turbocharged inline-four in 360 degrees, with key components and airflow all cleanly indicated.

The site also explains the three most common types of superchargers–roots, twin-screw, and centrifugal–and the three popular turbocharging setups–single turbo, twin turbo, and twin scroll.

Source: Jalponik and Tyroola 

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