Buy a House, Get a Lamborghini!

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Are you looking to relocate to Dubai, and looking for a place to call home? Maybe you’re looking at a new house for you and your family? Realtors will do a lot of things to incentivise one purchase over another, and the Damac Properties group in Dubai is doing just that by offering a new Lamborghini with purchase.

That’s right, if you buy a new house in Dubai, you’ll also get a new Lamborghini Huracán absolutely free! All you have to do is purchase the house by February 1st, 2016 to be eligible.


Presumably, if you can afford one of the properties that Damac is selling, you could probably afford a Lamborghini Huracán without any issues, but it is a good way to generate press and potentially drum up some sales. It’s like getting a free Android tablet when you buy metal shingles for your house, just on a larger scale!

What do you think? Would you buy a house just to get the car, or would you rather just get a better deal on the house? Let us know your thoughts over in our forums!

via [Damac Properties]

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