Danica Patrick Sells Her Oft-forgotten, Barely Used Lamborghini Gallardo

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Danica Patrick 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo

Racing driver Danica Patrick has auctioned off the Gallardo that she originally bought in 2006, for a mere $122,004.

Danica Patrick retired in 2018, following a racing career that began at age 10, and after becoming most successful female drivers in the history of American open-wheel racing. Though, it has been something of a bumpy road for Patrick, especially in the public relations department.

Something that didn’t necessarily endear Patrick to car enthusiasts is how she told Joe Rogan on his podcast that she didn’t drive her Gallardo much because it doesn’t have a cupholder. Then in an interview with The Street told them she’s not a car person and, “I own only one car, a Lamborghini sitting in storage that I bought a long time ago. I drive a Ford Expedition, but I don’t even own my Expedition. Ford [her sponsor] does.”

Danica Patrick 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo

As a result, her Gallardo that sold on Bring a Trailer over the new year only had 7,450 miles on the clock and only 1,750 were added by Patrick. It’s easy enough to point the finger, but we believe she’s just being candid and it’s not unusual for race car drivers to drive normal cars like normal people on the road. It’s not like she’s a fake and doesn’t like driving, after all, her day job for her entire adult life has been driving cars competitively at high speed. The main prerequisites for that are to love driving fast and be really good at it.

After racing professionally, driving day-to-day on public roads is going to be a functional affair with nothing to prove, and we think she may have had her tongue firmly in her cheek with the cupholder comment. No doubt, like everyone else, Patrick runs errands across town and drives to work like everyone else. The difference is she spent her career driving to a place where she drove a faster and better handling car than anything available to drive legally on the road, and drove it to its full potential.

Whether Patrick’s name being attached to this Lamborghini will improve its value even more over time remains to be seen, but the fact is, as we shift into the era of the hybrid supercar, this Gallardo, with it’s naturally-aspirated V10 engine and low mileage, certainly will.

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