Lamborghini Gallardo Taxi is the Only Way to Travel

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No matter where you are, what city or country you’re in, the taxi cab situation is usually a terrible thing. It’s either a 1950’s Hindustan, or a Toyota Prius. Either way, you’re not having fun at all and most likely are cramped like no one’s business. You never get something cool, even with Uber or Lyft, no one ever brings a supercar or sportscar. Until now. Watch.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a Lamborghini Gallardo taxi. This video was taken in Bangkok, Thailand of all places. But it definitely shows a real life Lamborghini Gallardo taxi getting people back and forth. Just imagine calling for a cab and this showing up! It would be the best taxi ride of your life. We just hope that the guy giving rides in the Gallardo is also filming the reactions of the people they’re picking up.

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