TopSpeed Renders a McLaren P1 LM

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In the last few years, track cars have become increasingly popular here in the United States. They’ve been popular abroad for quite some time, although we’re just starting to catch on to the entire fad.

One part of that trend though is street cars getting turned into track cars, then back into street cars. These street/track cars offer more performance than their regular street car brethren, but have the ability to be used on public roads.

Now though, one of the most ultimate track cars on the planet might be getting that same treatment. I speak of course about the McLaren P1 GTR. The P1 GTR is absolutely insane. With almost 1,000 horsepower and a super low curb weight, the P1 GTR is almost capable of bending time and space. It’s a weapon, a weapon that some of the more richer clients from McLaren would like to also show off on the street.

According to some insiders, that just might be happening and our friends at took it upon themselves to render what that might just look like. Here is the McLaren P1 LM.

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