BMX Jerk Rides over Lamborghini

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Now here at 6SpeedOnline, we’re not too squeamish about how people use their own cars. They can bling them out, donk them, or even shoot them up for all we car. Why, because they aren’t ours. If someone decided to do that to one of our cars however, there would be holy hell to pay.

Such is the case with this BMX’r riding around Portland. In an Instagram shot, you see the BMW rider pull into frame then jump onto a Lamborghini Murcielago. One key point though, it’s not his Lamborghini. He just came up to a customer’s Lamborghini, and then jumped on top of it with his bike. Now there might not be any damage, but this dude is asking for a beat down.

Even the guy working at the restaurant is like, “what the heck are you doing you idiot? That’s not your car!” If I was the owner of the car, I’d find this guy and jump on top of him with a bike. See how he likes it.

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