Ford GT Shows Up at Car Meet, Brings Donuts

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The Ford GT wasn’t built to sit in some climate-controlled garage. It was built to carry out the dreams of giddy school children!

Ah, burnouts. The original teenage mark of rebellion, right up there with rock n’ roll music and revealing clothing. Unless you’re some sort of old fuddy duddy, you can’t help but resist the urge to light ’em up whenever you get the chance. And when you see somebody else execute an impressive series of donuts, you can’t help but giggle like an elementary school student whose friend just said a semi-dirty word. But when you catch a previous-gen Ford GT doing said donuts, it deserves an extra special salute.

After all, the prices of these things are reaching absurd territory these days. And it probably has something to do with the fact that Ford committed the ultimate sin, replacing the old supercharged V8 with a turbo V6. In perhaps the most legendary car in their long history, no doubt. The Ford GT is an icon in the racing world, one of those glorious things you just don’t mess with.

Ford GT

But we digress. While most Ford GT owners keep their cars sealed up in some sort of hermetically sealed chamber, this one isn’t afraid to light ’em up. Over and over. The mere presence of the car draws the attention of the crowd, so why not be a man of the people and give them what they want? After feeling out the space he has to work with, the people’s champ quickly disappears into a massive smoke screen.

It’s not often you see a Ford GT doing much more than sitting in a climate controlled garage. Or maybe running the Texas Mile. But we’re glad to see at least one owner using his car as Ford intended. Like the hooligan that it really is!

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