HG Motorsports Built A Street-Legal Porsche GT3 Cup Car

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Matt Farah enjoyed the drive, but could you handle this wild child Porsche GT3 on the street?

We’ve talked to a number of club racers who regularly get behind the wheel of Porsche’s venerable GT3 Cup car, and they admit that the feeling of driving one of those uncorked beasts doesn’t even compare to driving a street-focused car. There is a level of compliance and compromise made for street driving that makes the knife-edge experience of a full-race Cup car all that more special. If you want to take a Porsche GT3 Cup car and drive it on the street, you’ve got to be a special kind of mad.

HG Motorsports apparently have customers that are the required level of mad to require such a street-legal machine. When you drive a new 911 GT3 and think it isn’t quite hard enough for your tastes, you go full bore on a build like this one. GT3 Cup racers have a more aggressive aerodynamic setup than any street car, including that massive wing slung out the back of the car. They also feature a stiffer and lower chassis with far more adjustment than any street car ever would. Believe it or not, the Cup doesn’t have all that much more power than a street GT3 would, as lap time is almost entirely made up by stickier tires and more downforce.

Power has been moderately bumped with an IPD intake plenum, an Akrapovic exhaust, and an ECU software tune. This car features all of the bodywork needed to dress a GT3 Cup, including the lower and larger front fascia, deeply diffusered rear bumper, flared front fenders, and a decklid accommodating two huge intake scoops and an even huger wing. The suspension is handled by JRZ coilovers and BBi Autosport’s full Street Cup suspension kit that basically adds ungodly levels of adjustment to the car’s setup, while ridding the joints of pliable rubber bushings. You can be sure this car will do exactly what you tell it to do.

Porsche wouldn’t build this car for the street, but HG Motorsports will if you ask them nicely and cut a fat check.

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