CJ-7 Jeep Spanks a Ferrari Testarossa

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Jeep vs Ferrari

Picture this: you’re behind the wheel of a red, low to the ground, iconic Ferrari Testarossa, when an old and lifted Jeep with off-roading pulls up next to you at the stop light and fancies a race.

What do you do? Well, first—you laugh, then you throw it into first gear and show the clunky Jeep what an Italian V12 is capable of.

Well, that’s exactly what happens on this video, but to the Ferrari owner’s surprise, the CJ-7  Jeep happens to pack a highly-tuned 701 horsepower beast of a motor under the hood. Clearly, even a 390 horsepower hand-built beauty is completely outperformed.

This goes to show the kind of passion and money people throw into building awesome sleepers, as well as how much pleasure they must get out of beating Ferraris with a Jeep!

Keep it humble, friends!

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