Koenigsegg Agera R hits 250mph on the Ring

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Koenigsegg’s CCX marked their arrival as a certifiable super car maker in 2006, while the Agera, marks them as certifiably awesome. No one looked at the CCX and said it was perfect. In fact, Top Gear lamented the lack of rear downforce by not having a wing loudly enough, that they fixed with the CCX-R. Aside from that, the 806 hp speed demon received raves. But they weren’t finished. The Agera is round two.

Thankfully, the Agera does everything the last one did… It just does <em>more</em> of it. This video has the 1,100 hp(!) Agera R working the Nurburgring and hitting some insane speeds. It’s always nice to see what they’ve changed on paper, but after watching it in motion… Numbers don’t do it justice. Check out the videos of the fly-by and some footage from the Pagani Zonda F Clubsport the driver was running with earlier.

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