Lamb-whoa: Murcielagos in Japan

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No cats were harmed in the making of this vinyl.

Japan is weird sometimes, especially when it comes to car culture. In addition to being the birthplace of drifting, high-speed highway racing, customization is also a pretty big deal. Tokyo Fashion posted these shots on their flickr, saying that this trio of Lambo’s were found roaming the streets of Harajuku. It’s not surprising to see modified cars in the cool capital of Japan. That said, wrapping a Murcielago in Leopard print requires a special kind of uh… taste. Or lack of taste. You be the judge.

That is what sick looks like. And by sick, I mean it looks like an infected bruise.

Unfortunately it gets worse. The black and purple paint scheme doesn’t bother us, but the tribal tats and those side skirts do. At least the leopard print Lambo didn’t have a terrible body kit. You can pull off the vinyls, but that bumper isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And what are those things on the headlights any way? It’s like the car has cataracts.

Hot Wheels?

It’s not all horror stories though. The last Lambo of this trio begs for attention, but in more of a “wow, that looks really good!” kind of way and less of an “Oh God kill it with fire!” kind of way. Chrome paint is a fairly new trend, and that means most of it’s implementations are awful. Hell, even Justin Beiber is into the chrome thing. This lambo should be bad, but it isn’t. Between the eye searingly bright paint, the black contrasting wheels, and the color matched eyelids, we think it looks damn good.

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