Baby Blue: Evolution 2 Motorsport’s 458 Italia

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Making changes to the Ferrari’s styling is always a dicey proposition. Their body styles are (almost) always iconic, and they (almost) always looks awful when tampered with. Their newest, the 458 Italia, isn’t an exception. Still, we applaud Evolution 2 Motorsport for having the guts to tamper with Pininfarina’s design. The result is this: The 458 Italia Emozione.

Blue can either be seen as a nice change of pace, or as outright heresy. “Ferrari Red” is a color because Ferrari’s are red. They’re passionate. Blue is anything but that. In fact, the only reason I think it works on the Italia is the styling. The 458 is the most fluid, curvaceous thing to come out of Italy since Sophia Loren made her debut in the 60s. Thanks to that, the two toned 458 looks like waves breaking along the coast. That’s not typically something you’d say about a Ferrari, but the praise applies here regardless.

We’d dump those wheels into the Marianas trench though. Also, the yellow center caps and calipers are distracting. This is nitpicking as they’d probably look better in motion, but standing still the wheels look oddly insubstantial.

They’ve also given the baby blue Italia a re-flashed ecu, titanium exhaust, and a fancy carbon fiber airbox. Power is up from the 562hp of the base model to an almost even 602hp. That’s Just enough to make some waves when the 458 hits the track.

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