Lamborghini’s Winter Academy: Do You Have The Bulls?

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Driving an Aventador S on ice is akin to using a Stradavarius violin to play heavy metal

Participating in one of the various sportscar manufacturer’s snow-driving is an exquisite experience. If you have the opportunity, we highly recommend taking advantage. Learning from some of the best drivers in the world is a great way to spend a few days (or a one-day course is also available). ¬†When those drivers are teaching you how to control a brand new all-wheel drive Huracan or Aventador as it slides about on ice and snow with a few hundred studs in each of the tires? That’s Shangri-la. The question arises, however, why does Lamborghini even conduct a winter driving school? It’s not as though your average Lambo owner will be taking their Gallardo for a run across the Alps in January. The best answer to that question is “Why not?”

Given the opportunity to go for a spin on a frozen course in the new Sant’agata¬†bull of your choice, wouldn’t you? Ideally, anyhow, you aren’t supposed to actually ‘go for a spin’, and Lamborghini’s instructors will make sure you’re well instructed on how to achieve an optimal slide without the whole car coming around on you. It’s amazing how much you can learn when the speeds are relatively slow, the grip levels are relatively low, and the probability of damaging a car has been removed almost completely.

If you can, pop on over to Lamborghini Academia for some proper ice driving lessons. These are lessons that will extend far beyond just how to drive in the snow, as you’ll learn about weight transfer, throttle control in a skid, countersteer, and correction skills that could one day save your ass in an emergency. Next time you get caught in a rainstorm on extreme performance summer Pirellis, you’ll know what to do. lamborghini winter driving school huracan aventador S

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