Legendary Rockstar Crashes McLaren F1 GTR

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It May Not Be a Pink Floyd Song, But “Another One Bites the Dust” Certainly Comes to Mind…

It seems that celebrities are prone to crashing their McLaren F1s as this is at least the second or third time one of this beauties ends up in the wall, or in a ditch. The most famous one being Rowan Atkinson’s (Mr. Bean), who managed to crash his McLaren F1 twice, with one of them costing million in repairs.

This time it was famous¬†drummer Nick Mason, who’s the only member of Pink Floyd to be featured on every album of the iconic rock band. Mason was taking part in a supercar demonstration at the famous Goodwood track, when he lost control at fairly low-speed and crashed into the wall.

mclaren f1

It’s not quite clear what caused him to lose control, but judging by the images, the conditions looked rather cold, and maybe even damp. As you probably already noticed, this isn’t a “normal” McLaren F1, but the more powerful and race-prepared GTR version. According to sources, this is worth ¬£3million British pounds.

It’s a pity to see such an awesome machine get damaged, but we’re glad Mason is okay.

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