McLaren Speedtail: $2.1 Million Price Tag and 250 MPH Top Speed

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Even if you can afford the McLaren Speedtail it’s too late, all 106 examples have already been sold.

We have known that it was coming, all we needed to know was when. Now, McLaren has officially pulled the veil of secrecy off of Speedtail, the fastest and most powerful McLaren ever made. In McLaren’s own words Speedtail is the brands “first ever Hyper-GT. Our most aerodynamically efficient car ever. And the fastest McLaren to date.” Now we know how they’ve accomplished these feats.

McLaren claims that Speedtail produces 1036 horsepower and an unknown amount of torque from an unnamed mystery engine that uses hybrid-assistance. We are willing to bet this is based on the McLaren P1, which also used a hybridized variant of the brand’s 3.8-liter, twin-turbocharged M838T V8 engine. We say this with confidence considering this engine is used in various forms throughout the entire current McLaren model range. In hybridized P1 guise, this engine produced 903 horsepower, and we’ve heard through the grapevine that McLaren left a lot of overhead and untapped power potential with the M838T.

The bodywork, similar to Long Tail models, is notably lengthened with strikingly large overhangs, especially at the rear. This is done in the name of superior aerodynamics. According to McLaren this design was “born out of the single-minded vision to create the most aerodynamically efficient car ever, this is an uninterrupted flow of air from nose to tail.” Additionally, to better aide the aero, the panel count is reduced and panel gaps tightened. This, according to McLaren, “creates an outline so sleek it seems hewn from a single form.” To echo their point, check out the front clip. The entire front end is one clamshell piece, instead of separate fenders and a bumper assembly. The is true out back, as well.


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McLaren repeatedly touts the symmetry and forward-thinking design of Speedtail. To that end, they cribbed the interior design from a little-known, 25-year old street car. It’s called the F1, you may have heard of it. The “unprecedented” interior volume takes precedence from the McLaren F1 by offering a single front driver’s seat with two-abreast rear seating behind. Combine the center-mount seating position with air open, glass-intensive cockpit and this most potent of McLarens is sure to offer visibility and driver comfort that few could rival. However, it is worth nothing that unlike the very analog F1, Speedtail uses a digital display for the dash, and a very pretty solution to the dashboard and instrumentation.

All of this works together to create the most potent, and most insane McLaren ever. The F1, with it’s record-shattering 243 MPH and been usurped. Speedtail will hit 250 MPH. It helps that, despite the super aerodynamic, lengthened body work, Speedtail weighs in at just 3,153 pounds dry. Expect that figure to jump to about 3,300 once it’s fully-laden with fuel, oil, coolant and of those other trivialities required to make it go. Want another fun stat? No problem! Despite Speedtail being focused on top speed, it’s off-the-line acceleration isn’t exactly pokey, either. McLaren claims 0-186 MPH (300 KPH) in just 13 seconds.

As previously stated, Speedtail has a starting price of a mere $2.1 million, before options. A bargain compared a ho-hum, run of the mill, $3 million Bugatti Chiron. Well, actually, not so much. However, it doesn’t matter as only 106 examples will be made, and they’ve all been sold. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to wipe the collective drool off our keyboards.

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